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Monday, October 31st, 2005

Is this appropriately named site really the best cam site out there? Try out webcams.com and do leave a comment.

I am an ardent fan of cam sites and have visited or explored a large number so far. The statement in the first paragraph about superiority of this web site is a good starting point to have a critical look at webcams.com and for once I spent enough time (very nearly with a ‘tooth and comb) to evaluate every aspect of this “adult videochat” site.

What does an average web-cam chat enthusiast look for in a web site? To be very frank, this is an extremely difficult question to answer as individual surfing behavioral pattern varies with moods and generic taste! However, one thing is common and that is looking for women by the male species and vice versa. I must also mention our gay/fetish lovers who have as much right to enjoyment as anyone else! With these thoughts in mind, I first took a basic tour of webcams.com prior to tasting the so-called “forbidden fruit”! What struck me first was the simple and browsable layout of this web site. It is certainly easy on the eyes since the color combination, fonts, highlighting, and spacing is ever so user friendly. I personally give considerable emphasis to the readability of any web site and webcams.com scores a near “eight” in this aspect. Language used is quite understandable.

Let us begin with the basic knowledge for webcams.com. The home page has graphics limited to the images of the video chat hosts. No other diversions are seen and one goes on to browse the attractiveness or otherwise of the numerable women available for possibly every desire or wants. The first few pages list the “online” chat hosts and the balance (in total there are 45 pages!) give the offline entertainers. If one refreshes the landing page, the latest status reflects, “who’s online”. The available choices are to either check their profiles and gallery or have an initial free chat, or directly go to the live xxx chat rooms. All these three choices are links under each image. As far as the first exploratory stage goes, you can only browse through the profiles and galleries of the chat hosts. All further actions require registration beginning with personal information and credit card payment. This is initially for $4.99 for a trial period of 24 hours, followed by a monthly renewable subscription of $39.98 – until you cancel. The process is quite simple and fast if you are the type who inhabits several web cam adult chat sites. The transactions claimed to be completely secure. Personally, I would have preferred some form of established secure transactions mention such as VeriSign etc and find that just stating that the site uses SSL technology is not enough! Security in Internet transactions is vital for both personal data and financial commitments. Anyway, the system works and as you read further, the experience review of webcams.com did not present any major problems in this respect.

The members have unlimited access to all the areas of webcams.com. This is where the concept of free chat also comes into play. In fact, this kind of “free chat” is very useful to evaluate the chat hosts and I am of the opinion that all web sites must institute such a system in one way or the other. Your timer starts ticking only when you enter nude live chat or what is termed here as live xxx chat. I talked with several women and couples for a couple of days before using the web site’s ‘add to favorite’ button for deciding the next course of adventure! The video was satisfactory and one needs the latest version of flash player. Many of the chat host girls were quite friendly though in a few cases with some very sensual women I did turn a bit wicked by asking them what they make out of working on this web cam site! The obvious reply was a curt “it’s none of your business”! Most of them were quite voluble and did not force one to enter the premium/live xxx/private chat. This is a positive point of the chat hosts on this web site. I chatted with a few women from varying ethnicity in the private chambers and surely, like most private chats, they all were doing a great job. I also sampled a few couples who give live shows. The lovers of shows will not be disappointed with their performances, so go ahead and join this web site!

Though all the “free chats” (after you are a member only) do not affect your site credit balance, I would have liked a limited free chat system without really subscribing to the web site. The usual “teaser chats” on many adult chat sites is so very convenient to go further! Maybe webcams.com considers this aspect in future. The site credit replenishes itself every thirty days, since you had agreed for a recurring monthly expenditure on joining. One can of course cancel the subscription. If your balance becomes zero due to expenditure on private chat ($2.99 per minute in general), you can fill up your wallet in the same way as on other sites.

To conclude, webcams.com is an easy site to maneuver and visit, with many chat hosts, couples, gays, trannies etc for a complete experience. It has its plus and minus points, just like any other web site, I may place webcams.com in the first TEN lists of adult chat sites that one can, and one must visit. Another point that the owners of webcams.com must consider is the “online” and “offline” schedules of their chat hosts. This is much more convenient than the trial & error method or taking a chance at different times! We have very good adult web cam possibilities at Livejasmin, CamContacts, CumTV, CamsAtHome, imlive, iFriends, PeekShows, Flirt4free etc, and several other available web sites. This web site therefore is a welcome addition to this long list!

Video chathost

Sunday, October 30th, 2005

What is a ‘Video chathost’? A simple explanation is one who hosts a video chat session! If we look into the adult video chat or web-cam chat arena, this term relates to the many women (and gays/couples etc) who are host members of web sites. Just like many adventurous males, I spoke to hundreds of women chat hosts on video and found that the video software needs to be quite sophisticated to have a real experience. Several video chathost images are blurred or choppy, which does not help you with what you have in mind. The women on such sites are called video chathosts or webcam girls or cam hostesses etc.


Sunday, October 30th, 2005

The term “Camtocam” is a bit ambiguous for its different meanings! Using it could entertain, if you are the type who loves to delve into things! If you enter Camtocam.com or Camtocam.net in your browser’s address box, you will invariably redirect to CamContacts web site! Try to only type Camtocam and behold – you reach a web site for sale at camtocam.ws! Interesting, is it not? The real meaning of this term is however, a video chat between two or more people such as in Microsoft’s ‘NetMeeting’ software or more generally, web cams chat that are linked to each other in one way or the other. The site Webcams.com is a good example of Camtocam linkage in case one wishes to promote oneself as a “ladykiller” with one of the fabulous women on this site. I noticed that this term is more often prevalent in European web sites!

Webcam girl gallery

Sunday, October 30th, 2005

If you enter the landing page of any adult video chat web site, you are greeted with a fairly artistic layout of “Who’s Online” list. Clicking to any image or “view” link leads you to the profile of the chat hosts and this is where you also see their gallery containing seductive images. In fact, this step is nearly always the first encounter with a video or web-cam chat host on an adult communication web site. Without a “webcam girl gallery”, one would get lost in the maze of very tantalizing names and titles, thereby wasting a lot of time in looking for a person of your choice. A gallery is like contents or index of a book or publication – that gives a bird’s eye view of what to expect!

Real webcam girls

Saturday, October 29th, 2005

Yahoo Cam Girls are truly the “real webcam girls” since they own their web cam at a hosting site, apart from utilizing the ever popular web cam facilities of Yahoo Messenger. To have a video chat with any woman through instant messenger medium is comparable; however, it is embarrassing to ask any woman who uses a web cam to communicate with her friends on instant messengers if she is one of the “real webcam girls”! The term is therefore more common with adult video chat hosts. Most adult chat sites nowadays use web cam chatting with their registered hosts and this makes life for us so much more pleasurable!


Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Why do we call ladies as “chathosts”? It is fine if only men host chats. However, majority of “chathosts” are women! English is flexible to specify male or female and avoid a gender bias by stating “person”. See the term “chairperson” used in business community. In the adult chat realm, a chathost is one of those women who chat with several members or guests on a web site. Since nearly ninety percent of adult chats offer hostesses, I normally tend to use the phrase “chat hostess” rather than “chat host”! Of course, if you are going to a gay site my assumption is not correct!

Webcam nudity

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Watching nudity over a web cam or through the medium of movies, clips, and videos always ignites the carnal desires of any human being. One can see two specific types of webcam nudity on the Internet. The first one is when you are chatting with an instant messenger system – especially Yahoo Messenger. The second type is more prevalent in web sites that specialize on dating, adult chat, video chat rooms and so forth. In all cases, one needs to be very careful regarding privacy, since anyone could peep in and see what you are up to! This is more so at offices where several instances have caused embarrassment to the employers.

Teaser chats

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

Mostly all adult web cam sites provide the first time visitor with that proverbial seduction known as “teaser chats” to choose their favorite web cam girls for a more intimate encounter. Depending on the marketing acumen of the webmasters, these teaser chats differ from one web site to another. Some of them may only show you a still image of the chat hosts, while the more adventurous ones will connect you to their live cams and allow a few minutes of free chat to explore the inclination and sensuality of the web cam girls. There is nothing better than teaser chats to proceed further!

Yahoo webcam girls

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

You have certainly visited many web sites that provide web cam entertainment at costs that can be either prohibitive or delusive. Yahoo webcam girls on the other hand offer specific individual cost structure to the ardent web cam fan and you use the messenger service to view the chat host in full bloom! Payments are generally thru CCBill portal though some women accept other forms of money transfer as well. I very recently talked with a luscious half-Asian beauty through Yahoo messenger’s web cam watching her seduce me to the point of no return. It was truly an overwhelming experience!

Nice Webcam Site!

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

AdSensual has recently posted a blog on the web site SexSearch that offers video chat and related services from lovely webcam girls. This is after quite some while that Jon of AdSensual deviates from his normal writing style of a diary entry to some real information on the adult chatting scene! It is refreshing to get information that one can follow up and enjoy, though I do find their daily blogs quite entertaining sometimes. On a lighter note, the notings do remind me of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Jonathan Harker’s Diary – that gives Jonathan’s daily encounters with the unknown!