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Perfect teen doing private cam shows

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Most of the time I’m over at camcontacts talking to the Asian, and I mean south-Asian as in Indian, webcam girls. But sometimes I do let my eye wander into other parts of the globe and today I was checking out the blond teens doing cam shows over there and I can say that, for a while at least, I was converted!

Maybe it is the the exotic thing. Yes I know for many of my dear readers who are caucasian they think that my Indian friends are exotic, but you see it works the same way in reverse does it not? As our great leader once said, all things are relative, or was that a famed German physicist? I forget. History, let alone physics was not my strong point at school where instead I spent my time on charming the girls in my form! With great success I may add. So my experience with perfect teens is not purely theoretical I can assure you most seriously.

None of the girls in that school was a blonde cam model of course, in those days where were a long time ago I must admit my dear reader, the school girls of the sub-continent did not use makeup when in school, let alone hair dye!

Rebelle for the Rebels!

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Comments keep coming in once in a while and this comment on Rebelle seems to be indicative of people reading these posts and ‘wanting’ to act up on it! Though I have been a bit conservative in posting reviews and comments on reviews since the past one year, the rare comments on my posts do induce me to comment again and again. Some wise guy in the net marketing field once told me that it is good to understand what sells on the Internet more. Well, to be quite frank it is sex! People buy what they crave for and this is one area where there is no let up. Keep those comments pouring in and Rebelle will entertain the Rebels once again!

More on Rebelle-Angel

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

Here is a follow up on that blond babe at CamsAtHome webcam paysite. She appears to be a friendly type that goes to prove that not all girls who work at this website are unfriendly. There may be exceptions, however – one cannot really generalize.

Jcam, Buy Me A Present - Baroda

Jcam, E-mail Me - Baroda

More on Rebelle-Angel 2

selfish ones
What I like to do:
to do what i like ;):))
Where I come from:
My darling Jcam,
I am sure you remember me – Rebelle-angel from camsathome.

I just wanted to let you know that I`m online right now,
and waiting for you to join me in my personal chat.

I will wait till 09:36 hope to see you soon.

XXX Rebelle-angel

I operated as JCam at the website for reviewing the site’s integrity etc. Rebelle-Angel must have come as a “guardian angel” for CamsAtHome and for this, one should vote a “perfect 10” for The R-Angel! Cheers!

Lesbian Shows are Exciting!

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

Do checkout this website for a scintillating lesbian show that will excite both our male as well as female readers. The site appears to be like Livejasmin and streamray web cam supremo’s! One of our reader’s ardent wishes could be granted here — I mean Emma who made a comment on webcam-video post.

It will also be sexiting to visit some other cool (really hot!) sites mentioned on the freestreamtv dot com:

Live Sex Empire
Live Sex List
Adult Webmaster Empire

Surely a lot of sensual “food” for this week end! Anyone who regularly visits lesbian web cam sites is welcome to share his or her experiences with us on this blog. Happy Lesbian -ing!

Cam2Cam is a part of Grand Slam!

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

I joined Cam2Cam quite some time ago — I think it must be over a year by now. A website that is powered by Streamray Inc. needs to be good I guess! Had not visited these pages but even after a long time they remembered my ID. Many websites of this nature clean up their client data especially those who have signed up as a free client. Not this site though! I was glad to see some new entertainers and OMG — they can entertain! I do wish to see more of this and other websites I visited long ago to refresh my memory and see how things are shaping up. It is really a fairly nice site with easy navigation and interesting social oriented girls who look so devastating on their web cam that one feels like jumping straight onto their laps.

MySpace & SirRodney & Babes!

Monday, April 16th, 2007

One must dash off to MySpace.com according to SirRodney’s Blogs and enjoy what this Garden of Eve and Eden has to offer! April 14 blog shows the stupendous MILF – Vicki Vette – in a uniform that can strip you of your uniform and make you pretty happy behind her bars! Yes it is worth your while to have a page on this web site and then hope for many babes to look you up at your MySpace.com/your’ truly.htm or something like this!

I guess it would be wise to keep track of these beauties of the adult world and relish their blogs and comments. Imagine one day Vicki Vette turning up on your web site with an invitation to meet her around the corner! Mind blowing…!

Tera Patrick I’m Live!

Friday, April 13th, 2007

Wow! The sinewy Tera Patrick coming to Imlive is like an Angel of Love coming down to earth! Read this:

Tera Patrick is coming to ImLive and you’re invited!

Hi loveguy4342, Tera Patrick is going to steam up ImLive!

On April 12th at 11 PM, we’re giving you an exclusive chance to chat with the hottest name in adult entertainment, and all for FREE!

This is your chance to chat 1-on-1 with one of the biggest adult stars around, as ImLive’s Celebrity Event welcomes the ultimate sexpot, Tera Patrick, for a super-steamy time, live from her own home! Tera will be sharing exactly what made her so famous, revealing secret tricks reserved for sexy porn vixens, and taking it all off for your viewing pleasure! You are invited to embrace the reign of Tera, exclusive to ImLive members only! You can ask Tera whatever you want about her life and career, as well as make special requests!

This is another one of ImLive’s many spectacular features for you to enjoy for FREE, in addition to our iPod downloads, Mad Video competitions, and much, much more!! To find out more about Tera Patrick, click here!

By the way if you noticed it loveguy4342 is also Johnny Cam in the two faces of Adam! I am certainly going to have a hearty chat with Tera…hearty or …?

Gwen (Forever) Diamond

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

If Diamonds are Forever, Gwen (Diamond) surely will go on and on for time immemorial! She seems to have a very clear concept about herself and according to Sir Rodney’s Porn Review one cannot stop loving her! I have stated many times in the past that blonds are my weakness…even my Achilles’ heel…or maybe another part! Talking of “parts”, Gwen says that she is most concerned with her tits, her ass, and her miaow… Oh pussy and considers them her “parts”! If you look at her they appear to be more than parts…they seem to be heavenly paradise themselves! She has made 30 movies as per the blog and my sincere comment on this feat is that we guys will have one movie per day for the next 30 days – a full month – with a full Gwen! By the time this month passes, Gwen will shoot off another 30 diamonds and you will be full of carrots (or did I mean carats?) – For more of Gwen go to Booble – go to MySpace – Go to Booble Cover Girl Pagent, and vote a perfect 10 for her. Who knows Ms. Diamond may throw a few carats at you!

Hana the Thai Beauty

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

Just one of those thighland (oops I mean Thailand) beauties Hana was recently walking around Bangkok streets with that sinewy gait and come-hither look! Just imagine meeting her either on web cam or down the street would be like a spring holiday with this petite cute girl springing around you till you start blooming out in excitement. Click her picture and transfer yourself to her web page with several tantalizing jpg’s to download and watch as a continuous slide show.

Check out also Hana’s lovely friends and female mates in case you could not locate her (she is a busy one!) and do not wish to be disappointed or return empty handed from her boudoir!

Goddes Cam

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

At first glance it appeared that Goddes Cam is a type! But the person who told me about this was confident that I must try it out for that inevitable pleasure of the senses! Yes, it was a surprise to reach a web site that this goddess of cam owns and operates. Even the name of the site – myfinanciadommespace.com has a mysterious touch to what the web site is all about! Remember the term financial domme since you may hear more about it in the future.

However strange this post may appear, it is worth pursuing Goddes Cam web site to have an inkling of how subtle the subject of sex can be made! It appeared to me as a unique approach to titillate your pleasure buds! If anyone has more information on this topic or has ventured deep into the mysteries of Goddes Cam, please let us know by commenting on this post. I am anyway investigating the web site with a magnifying glass, a smoking pipe, and a Sherlock Holmes cap!