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Camcontacts FAQ:

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Is this Really live ... ?

If you are checking out at the Who is online Now? section, then the answer is YES!! Take a look at the text chat area and you will see for yourself. However, if you are look for the full database of Video ChatHosts then you will find profiles of ChatHosts who are not currently online. You wont be able to see their Video but they may have taken some archives snapshots during one of their previous really live broadcasts for you to view.

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Is this really no charge?

Browsing this site is absolutely no charge. It costs nothing to look for and view the ChatHost's Profile, and to view their private past archive pics shots which they took while in front of their Video Camera. However, because of the potential adult nature of some of these archive picss that the ChatHosts take we need to ensure you really are an Adult, we achieve this adult check by validating your Credit Card.

However, some Video ChatHosts do charge for viewing their really live video broadcasts. It is entirely up to them if they are Jump to charge, when and by how much. It is out of our control. But one thing is for sure ...we will NEVER charge you for anything, EVER ...GUARANTEED , without you first specifically requesting one of these chargeable Really live VideoChat sessions, and even then you will be given a warning before a charge is made. AND you will be able at ANY time to INSTANTLY view the FULL details of any charges you have incurred - Leaving YOU in FULL CONTROL.

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What do I need in order to view the Video?

Nothing at all! All modern browsers can see the Really live Broadcasts by the Video ChatHosts without the need for any downloads or plug-ins. However, on the remote chance that you cannot see the video then the chances are your browser has the 'Java' option turned off. You will have to look at your individual browser documentation to find out how to turn 'Java' option back on.

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Where are the archive picss?

You may hear a Video ChatHost suggesting you look at their Archive Picss. These are pics the ChatHost has taken during their current or historical really live broadcasts. You gain access to these picss from the ChatHost Profile. If you cannot see a ChatHost's archive picss, then it is because you are not a registered viewer or that ChatHost has not taken any snapshot pics of any of their previous broadcasts.

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Why am I sometimes asked for a Screen Name and Password?

Whenever you try and access an area which may contain material of an *adult* nature you will need to enter the Screen Name and Password when you first registered. If you have not registered with the CamContacts Network, then you will not be able to gain access to these areas.

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I can't see the Video, what can I do?

The following is a list of things you can check....

  Maybe the ChatHost is having problems with their video? In the text chat area ask if others have a problem seeing the Video.

  In order to see really live streaming video in your browser you must have java enabled. You don't need to know what Java is about (it's technical stuff), but you will need to check that the java option is enabled in your browser. You will need to consult your browser documentation or Help screens to ensure this option is turned on.

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How do I end my VideoChat Session?

Any of the following ways will work. However the first option is the simplest....

  Click on the Red Button immediately below the Video Picture you are watching.

  Press the back button on your browser.

  Close the browser completely.
...and don't worry if you telephone line goes dead during a Video session, we will know about it and if it's a chargeable session you will not incur an extra costs.

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What happens if my telephone line disconnects while in a Video Session?

Don't worry as we will know that your line has disconnected and therefore your session will automatically end. This also applies if your Browser or computer hangs ..we will know about it.

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May I Contact a Video ChatHost?

This is entirely at the discretion of the ChatHost. Obviously there is no problem sending a ChatHost a message using the Book Appointment option from ChatHost's profile or you can place a message on ChatHost's private Forum. However, any additional contact information such as ICQ, telephone number, address or even meeting up in real life, is up to the individual ChatHost. DO NOT keep asking for this information if the ChatHost declines to give it to you ...respect their privacy.

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