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Tera Patrick I’m Live!

Friday, April 13th, 2007

Wow! The sinewy Tera Patrick coming to Imlive is like an Angel of Love coming down to earth! Read this:

Tera Patrick is coming to ImLive and you’re invited!

Hi loveguy4342, Tera Patrick is going to steam up ImLive!

On April 12th at 11 PM, we’re giving you an exclusive chance to chat with the hottest name in adult entertainment, and all for FREE!

This is your chance to chat 1-on-1 with one of the biggest adult stars around, as ImLive’s Celebrity Event welcomes the ultimate sexpot, Tera Patrick, for a super-steamy time, live from her own home! Tera will be sharing exactly what made her so famous, revealing secret tricks reserved for sexy porn vixens, and taking it all off for your viewing pleasure! You are invited to embrace the reign of Tera, exclusive to ImLive members only! You can ask Tera whatever you want about her life and career, as well as make special requests!

This is another one of ImLive’s many spectacular features for you to enjoy for FREE, in addition to our iPod downloads, Mad Video competitions, and much, much more!! To find out more about Tera Patrick, click here!

By the way if you noticed it loveguy4342 is also Johnny Cam in the two faces of Adam! I am certainly going to have a hearty chat with Tera…hearty or …?


Saturday, February 17th, 2007

A long time ago – around October 2005 – I mentioned the top star called hotcharlotte at Imlive. I was just going through my emails at yahoo.com and came across a few lovely mails from this glorious damsel! She was staring at me with those intoxicating eyes with her golden blond hair swaying to and fro (I am sure). This made me give out a loud moan to again experience her invincible presence and anatomy at Imlive! Can anyone be more sensual than hotcharlotte? Not that I know of! Though I have not seen her for quite sometime at Imlive chat rooms the very thought made me tingle all over and it will be sheer delight to come across her enticement once more in the near future.

If anyone has recently talked to her or seen one of her mind blowing performances, do let us know with a few comments on her future plans.

The Heat is On with Sunny!

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Imlive hosted the fabulous Sunny Leone of Indian origin and this was a real feast and tonic for us men! Remember a previous post introducing this wonderful and sensually and sexy Playmate. The official SunnyLeone web site is a treat to the eye as it is very nicely developed to entice the most impotent of all impotent guys! The Imlive event with this thoroughly desirable lady was a grand success – a perfect sexexess – an extravaganza par excellence and so forth! I especially like her blog page where one can respond with flattering comments and also keep up to date vide the RSS feed! Hey guys, why do we not start a SL Playmate Fan Club to do full justice to her future career and term it as “And…God Created Sunny Leone”!

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Hi to all! Had a great time at Imlive web site and used up my $10 free chat time to my erotic content! I wish that a number of web cam sites initiate this promo procedure to incite admirers for patronizing their entertainers. It is so much more thrilling when one gets some free chat time and we try to make the best of that. I talked with one sultry latina who sure knows the tricks of the trade. Its good I managed to do this at the closing hour of this free offer. Let the readers know that we connoisseurs appreciate some such attention from the web cam sites that are on our bookmarks!

Imlive Girls!

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

Imlive is famous for its lovely damsels who can rescue us men from the distress of being alone on a Christmas or New Year Eve – or for that matter any evening or night! These Sexy Booby gals are a steroid to the sportsmen who embark on winning a few gold medals! I have also received an invitation for a free $10 live chat with a hostess of my choice and I will take this opportunity before the clock rings of the year 2006! Those who have got similar invitations must head towards the Imlive website and make the most of this merry time. See you there and we shall compare notes in the New Year…Happy Webcamming!

Oh Another Adorable Blond!

Monday, March 13th, 2006

Is it not wonderful to visit an adorable blond on webcam? CamSexWorld sure offers one of the best provocative gal of March 2006! I am more that glad that this happened now as eversince I gave up smoking, my libido seems to be on the up and up! So friends, enjoy the beautiful ladies of imlive and other lovely webcam sites and remember…”smoking is injurious to your love life”!!! Why get addicted to this unnecessary evil, when there are such adorable creatures around to give you ultimate pleasures of life that titilate all your senses rather than tickle and irritate only your life sustaining lungs?

Hot Little Cookie?

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

I generally like the blogs written by Smutrangers pr0n but this blog did put me a bit aback as the information for the sexy blond babe was really missing! I wish that the blogger had mentioned the Imlive chathost identity for his “hot little cookie”! I visit Imlive quite often for the wonder woman HotCharlotte and was keen to also check out the chathostess mentioned by Smutrangers pr0n. Its not very easy to trace a lady with just a pic that could change everytime you reload your page! Can I request the blogger to supply the ID of the hot little cookie for other admirers to take advantage?

WebCam Girls Must Enjoy Their Christmas!

Saturday, December 24th, 2005

Just thought of checking out how the attendance is on various webcam chat sites during this festive season. Surely, the chat hostesses are fewer in number, though imlive and CamsAtHome do still have a significant presence. This reminds me of the days when Internet was still in its nascent stage and we had to rely on “live shows” also called “peepshows” or “peekshows” to enjoy our fantasies. I did the rounds in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Paris, Brussels etc and always found pleasure at one joint or the other. There used to be small cubicles with coin machines where you would deposit coins to continue watching the shows or the girls. Special cubicles were also available for private views. This is similar to present day free teaser chat and private adult chat! The third stage in adult chat etc was cubicles that were totally private and one could indulge in more advanced flirting! It is nice to know a bit of history to understand how a system or practice evolves over time. For the present, the chat hostesses also must enjoy their holidays and live a normal life as we expect ourselves to do the same! Merry Christmas and a very happy sensual New Year to all the great ladies who keep us men in the best of spirits!

Watch Sample Videos at Imlive

Saturday, December 17th, 2005

This blog on the latest imlive offer interested me a lot since it gives you an opportunity to witness the sensuality of their chat hostesses before you take them private. I am an ardent fan of Imlive and always follow their new offers – especially if a free preview is possible and would recommend that readers do follow up by going to imlive website and experience the effective marketing strategy of this website. I am sure this method of promotion will find many viewers who would eventually participate in private chats, thereby increasing the revenue and profits of any webcam chat site.

FantasTits Journey!

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Do read this blog. It is sure to ignite you with desire in the same way as if you virtually met Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty! Imlive hosts Fantastic Tits and she is every bit alive on your monitor, as the blog says. I guess a 5-Star rated chat hostess at imlive must be quite a pleasure to converse with. She does a heavenly strip show that may take you to the abode of the gods as you savor her undulations and seduction that only a true goddess can accomplish. This is one experience after which you will say that will make you feel like a deity in the wonderland of the superior beings!