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Archive for December, 2005

End Of Times for Year 2005!

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

I just realized that today its the last day of the year. Tomorrow we enter into 2006 and therefore I will say “An enjoyable New Year’s Eve & the most sensual and happy new year” to all my webcam chat hostesses and innumerable babes from all the blogs so far written by your’s truly Johnny Cam!

Earlier I was a geek for blondes and would not indulge in any other. But now I love all the beautiful and lovely ladies who work so hard to make our lives enjoyable. Just the other day someone pointed out that many people consider cybersex (webcam activity is after all a form of cybersex) a degenerated activity…and there is no substitute for the real thing! Sure this is true to some extent but consider that emoting on the webcam is one activity that carries another helpful warning…”Cyber Sex is NOT injurious to your health”. Compare this with …”Unsafe Sex is injurious to your health”! Just a Year End thought, I guess.

To conclude the year 2005 and ring in 2006, have a merry time – drinking, flirting, chatting, and participating – in the safest way known to Man!

See you next year!

ErotiqAngel At Livejasmin

Friday, December 30th, 2005

Livejasmin is a site worth visiting on a regular basis. This chat hostess known as Erotiqangel is one of the best I have experienced in recent times. She is simply mindblowing and in the teaser chat itself gives you a few starters of what you can expect in her private room! Just now I saw her undulate in such a sensual manner for the general guests that cannot be imagined – only witnessed! I only become friendly with webcam girls if they are congenial in free teaser chats and ErotiqAngel scores many points above most of the other hostesses at Livejasmin. Try her out and you will never regret it!

The Second J-Lo?

Thursday, December 29th, 2005

Does Nadia really look like J-Lo? Well, I agree that in some of the pics Nadia has some resemblance to the famed beauty, but in most of the others, she is quite unique by herself. A lovely figure with dimpled smile highlight Nadia’s features. I am sure the blogger is right in saying she is the right girl for Big Mouthfuls – a porn website! Viewing her pic gallery, one gets the feeling that she certainly knows how to carry a skimpy outfit with shapely legs and an inviting smile. A nice babe for imagining that J-Lo is the one entertaining you!

Hot Little Cookie?

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

I generally like the blogs written by Smutrangers pr0n but this blog did put me a bit aback as the information for the sexy blond babe was really missing! I wish that the blogger had mentioned the Imlive chathost identity for his “hot little cookie”! I visit Imlive quite often for the wonder woman HotCharlotte and was keen to also check out the chathostess mentioned by Smutrangers pr0n. Its not very easy to trace a lady with just a pic that could change everytime you reload your page! Can I request the blogger to supply the ID of the hot little cookie for other admirers to take advantage?

Taming of Kate!

Tuesday, December 27th, 2005

‘Taming of the Shrew’ does not apply to this Kate. I guess she may have that typical medivial English look, but she is the one who would tame you by her seductive arched eybrows and curvaceous body. Do visit her website at Kates Playground and savor the great offers she has in store for you. A Canadian babe can still be so hot during the cold winters! She is also an online games geek who loves to play “WarCraft”. Do be on her side here, lest she conquers you and takes you to her taming playground! Do you think that a gal like Kate can do all this and more, even if her ambition is to become a librarian in the future?

Enchante at CumTV!

Monday, December 26th, 2005

If you click this link, you will reach the profile page of an enchantress known as Enchante! She has all the qualities of my favorite blonde girl and her ample assets are going to make you enter her private chambers without any hesitation at CumTV. I simply adore blonds who have such a lovely face as Enchante and especially one’s who say in their profile that their favorite position is “Me On Top”! Its not that I am particularly lazy in sex, but caressing a beautiful maiden and looking at her intense facial expressions do make me very virile. Enchante is one such lady who deserves many visits and praises.

Convenient LiveBabes TV

Sunday, December 25th, 2005

LiveBabes TV is a convenient site to find the chat hostess of your choice. Even on this Christmas day I could locate many ladies to make a choice! I always appreciate a website that is convenient to navigate and gives all information pertaining to the chat hostesses status. Though Livebabes.tv is a site powered by Streamray Inc., having the same design as some other websites powered by this company; it does have one particular variation. The status of the girls is clearly shown on the top right hand corner of all thumbnails and this makes the visitor happy as they can get into the initial “teaser chat” with ease and confidence. It is surely a plus point for this website!

WebCam Girls Must Enjoy Their Christmas!

Saturday, December 24th, 2005

Just thought of checking out how the attendance is on various webcam chat sites during this festive season. Surely, the chat hostesses are fewer in number, though imlive and CamsAtHome do still have a significant presence. This reminds me of the days when Internet was still in its nascent stage and we had to rely on “live shows” also called “peepshows” or “peekshows” to enjoy our fantasies. I did the rounds in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Paris, Brussels etc and always found pleasure at one joint or the other. There used to be small cubicles with coin machines where you would deposit coins to continue watching the shows or the girls. Special cubicles were also available for private views. This is similar to present day free teaser chat and private adult chat! The third stage in adult chat etc was cubicles that were totally private and one could indulge in more advanced flirting! It is nice to know a bit of history to understand how a system or practice evolves over time. For the present, the chat hostesses also must enjoy their holidays and live a normal life as we expect ourselves to do the same! Merry Christmas and a very happy sensual New Year to all the great ladies who keep us men in the best of spirits!

Busty Latina Festive Season!

Friday, December 23rd, 2005

Just two days to X’Mas and a week to beginning a new year! The entire webcam world is celebrating with many sensual ‘Miss Santa Claus’s adorning the websites. I do anticipate a gala festive season to closing the year 2005 with a bang! Recently, Serena (or PUERTORICANBARB) from CamSexWorld justified her busty presence by appreciating my comments. Let me reciprocate to all the beautiful Latin girls around the chatrooms by saying something in Latin —

“volens vos a hilaris Sarcalogos quod a voluntas novus annus ut mos addo valde mos in vestri cella”

— which really means

“wishing you a merry Christmas and a sensual new year that will bring great customers in your room”!

A bit rusty Latin – don’t you think…but it anyway reflects my deep love for the sultry Latina ladies.

Chatting with Hostesses!

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

ISNNewsBlog gives a great advice on the ethics of chatting with the numerous hostesses in the webcam world. What I particularly liked was the reference to a real-life situation where you visit a bar and chat with one of their beautiful hostesses. I could not help recollecting my experiences in several night clubs and bars all over Europe and particularly Holland. It is very true that chatting on the webcam is very similar to a real-life situation as one must realize that the webcam girls are also “real” and not just a taped sequence or robot talk. They do appreciate and like a guy to be ethical and respectful when chatting. This blog writing should be read by all as it inspires us to be “real” and gentlemanly in nature!