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Archive for August, 2005


Sunday, August 28th, 2005

I will review Flirt4free and CamContacts in the next few days. The former is a true adult chat site whilst the latter is more comparable to iFriends for both adult chats and making friends online. CumTV is also an adult chat site that requires registration. However, in this case one is able to avail some of the facilities by free registration with only your email address and a login user ID/password unlike Flirt4free, CamContacts or iFriends etc. Quite convenient and you could consider this as a tip – I opened an alias mail account with one or the other web based mail provider and ensured anonymity – a bit of a wicked practice you may think! Anyway, exploring the website became easy and it was possible to have a teaser chat with the girls. Like CamContacts, this chat site also has useful FAQ section. The design of CumTV is also pleasing and the navigation quite simple and fast loading. The site can be quite entertaining for those who do not wish to buy time and are comfortable with teaser chats or viewing the many girls available for initial seduction! In case you wish to enjoy the exclusive private entertainment provided by CumTV’s hostesses, you must purchase credits in the denomination of $20, $50 or $100. If one does not wish to use or does not have a credit card, the payment can also be made through a money order.

CumTV has a well designed nude chat section for the members who have purchased credit. Of course, you can also invite a teaser chat girl to nude chat and negotiate the price with her. The website is quite flexible and though I found the Flash Chat Window a bit slow compared to Java Chats it is still worth an exploratory visit by those who have not been here earlier. In terms of comparison, I personally would rate CumTV slightly below Livejasmin or Flirt4free though this is a matter of individual taste and entertainment values. The website is also open to “entertainers” (as they are called here) to join on a freelance basis and there are no employees etc. The “members” (that is you!) can negotiate and transact with entertainers at their own risk and this fact is made amply clear in the terms and conditions. Incidentally, if any potential “entertainer” is reading this review, it is worth noting that apart from a ‘parked’ place on CumTV, you also get some benefits of webpage designing & hosting, free cam broadcasting software and advertising.

The girls or in the language of CumTV – “entertainers” come from various walks of life and genre and in this aspect the site compares well with Flirt4free, Livejasmin, 2lips.tv, Peekhows etc. I had some teaser chats with a few entertainers and two of them – Kimm a beautiful blond and SexyLatin2, a sensual latina, were quite friendly. They may have undergone a course in “how to win friends and influence people”! Where is Dale Carnegie? The entertainers in the nude chat section cannot be contacted till you purchase credit and log on as a member. You can still browse their bio and check out their pics like in the case of iFriends, Livejasmin, Flirt4free etc.

Finally, CumTV is a website that is worth visiting and bookmarking in your favorites section of entertaining adult chat rooms. This review truly compares websites that are of an adult nature in the current list of ten addresses, namely Flirt4free, Livejasmin, CamsAtHome, 2lips.tv, Streamate, Peekhows. The other 3 websites (CamContacts, iFriends, and Imlive) are mainly general sites with a section on adult web cam chat. CumTV is therefore basically a nice friendly adult chat portal where the visitor (guest or member) can surely go on a sensual picnic! How successful you are in attracting the entertainers on this site depends also on your approach and mind-set, not forgetting what I said earlier – “win friends……” – also applies to you! In conclusion, another point that comes up for CumTV is that the site is probably copywritten by a professional business copywriter as I did get the feeling that the entire descriptive text is rather formal, taking into account any legal hassles that may eventually arise. Generally, such writing is reserved for terms and conditions and disclaimers. A little more friendly approach in the help sections could have made the reading more appreciative as in the case of CamContacts. However, this is a matter of personal opinion and the point may not be taken very critically.


Thursday, August 18th, 2005

LiveJasmin as the name implies should have the mild and sweet fragrance of the ever popular ornamental shrub with white or yellow flowers! Perhaps, in some way this is true of this website when compared to the other adult chats like Flirt4free, CamContacts, and CumTV. I could experience a more free chat system though “teaser chats” activated in Java by only logging on with any screen name. Hundreds of girls are online and like the other adult chat sites, come from diverse genre and ethnicity. Livejasmin does have the easiest and smooth navigation system compared to the other three websites mentioned above. It is designed for the visitor to instantly feel comfortable by indicating all the online hostesses and diverse sections for various categories you might like to patronize. Set in dark maroon red background, the reading or I should say viewing is quite easy on the eyes.

Clear help section gives all the information you need to be an active guest or member. Sure, you can also just browse the profiles and be a passive ‘watcher’ without engaging in any conversation at the java chat window! The images are typical webcam regularity but that is now a standard on most of the videochat sites. As mentioned in the reviews of such websites, your entertainment really depends on your initiative, purse, and inclination. Most websites, including Livejasmin have friendly hostesses who will play along with all unless someone turns rude or nasty, an exception I would hope and wish never occurs!

Getting down to brass tacks, I went into action immediately after browsing the do’s and don’ts of this web site. What I particularly noticed is that though Livejasmin is a very user-friendly chatsite, the girls were not that stunning or striking as some of the other sites I have browsed or visited like Flirt4free, CumTV, CamContacts, Peekhows etc. I wish the webmaster of this site does something about it in the future. Anyway, a lot of the ladies were very charming and friendly and many a times that compensates for what people say about beauty being only “skin deep”! I could chat quite freely with two or three charming girls during the course of my first visit. The first time visitor must realize that in free chats one must take his chances with the girls and since there are a very large number of free chatters at any given moment, the attention of the girls may not always fall on your personal literary charm. You still have a fair selection of your favorite blonds, brunette, ethnic, mature, fetish, and other categories. By the way, if you wish to have a smooth browsing list of the girls, I always recomment using a browser with tabs, since then you can go on to the next lady in the home list without each time refreshing the online availability. What normally happens in this case is that the list gets reloaded and your ‘next on the list’ girl just disappears! You can avoid this frustration through tabbed browsing.

At Livejasmin, there is no membership! Talk time is purchased as credits in three basic denominations – namely, $29.99, $79.99 and $99.99. As is normal, secured credit card transaction is available and you can refresh the credits anytime. Negotiation may be possible with the girls for nude or private chat though most of them have fixed rates varying from say $1.95 to $5.95 per credit time that is also fixed by the girls themselves. The website management does not come in between the transactions and you are adequately warned of the risks involved. This is nothing strange and most adult webcam chat sites have a similar philosophy.

Finally, Livejasmin is one of the best sites I visited in this series of reviews. Reviews to follow on the remaining adult chat sites may throw more light on this observation. I am always looking for (and I am sure you are also seeking the same) ease of navigation in a website of this nature with plenty of choice to cater to individual likes and dislikes, and an affordable “do able”cost structure in case one ventures to more adventurous interludes with the lady of your choice! Another website www.livesexempire.com refers extensively to Livejasmin and directs you many a times to the hostesses herein.

Overall, Livejasmin is a site worth visiting and I am sure you would spend quite some time browsing and chatting with the girls or exploring your favorite fantasies.


Thursday, August 18th, 2005

CamsAtHome is a friendly website monitored from The Netherlands (Amsterdam) and has a pleasing home page. I was personally quite impressed with this site as compared to all the other web cam adventures, I have so far had. Perhaps this may be because of my bias towards the Dutch as I lived and worked there for nearly 15 years! At that time, Internet was non-existent and we were more on the go every night to hit a new spot for reviewing or enjoying our carnal adventures. Compared to imlive, iFriends (another category really!) and PeekShows, this website is quite professional and straightforward in its services, with well documented FAQ page, appropriately worded “important information” and guideline to approaching and handling web cam hostesses, to help us in making fewer mistakes! Still there is no alternative to first hand experience, however good or lucid any review may be.

The images are quite clear though you are advised to have a Pentium4 processor as the bare minimum. With slower computers, you could get broken up images and a choppy live feed. I could notice that Livejasmin certainly has a superior image software for the average web cam enthousiast and CamContacts is the best image system.

I talked with a girl called Melyssa with long black hair and an hour-glass figure. She and the other hostesses were all friendly though some were a bit indifferent to the free visitors who abound the web cam chats. But this is true of most cam sites and nothing unusual. Melyssa was a beautiful girl and for the time I chatted with her, made me forget that I am basically a blond lover! Is this not friendly persuasion or better still sensual persuasion? Another lovely girl named Chance really induces you to take a calculated chance with her in private. She had a lovely bosom and a captivating face. A tip to remember: if you happen to be infatuated by a girl, do ask her permanent address or schedule, otherwise you might not see her again! Perhaps this is an indication of the rapid turnover rate in this business.

There is an ad that states that you could write a personal fantasy and enter into a contest that will give you a chance to win $500! I was nearly tempted to do this as I was having one of those free chats with Melyssa or Chance – why I did not do it is something I cannot forgive myself now! Next time I will make sure to enter this contest. Do try to play this possibility and who knows, you might be a lucky one several time over!

You can enter CamsAtHome for a teaser chat without registering and you will be called a ‘Guest’. One can register free of charge also by choosing a login name and email address. Member chat is free and just like other websites such as imlive or iFriends, nude and private sessions need the visitor to purchase credit, or as they put it on this website – “update your wallet”. Costs can vary but are generally in the range of US$1.35 per minute for nude chats, and private sessions are available for US$3.99 per minute. Discounts do apply on this website for bulk users of nude and/or private chat facilities. The visitor is advised to carefully read the important information that highlights the do’s and don’ts of web cam chats. One can pay through several channels like credit card, checking account for USA & Canada, and quick debit for Netherlands & Germany.

After visiting several websites, previewing their methodology and quality of girls, I must conclude that CamsAtHome is a fairly good site for chatting with lovely ladies and spending a good deal of time enjoying their sensual antics on the camera. As a free registered member, you can chat with all the girls and make it to their private rooms after settling the cost in the free chat. I would advise that only then should you update your wallet and start spending money. The administration is of course always available to mediate on any issue you may encounter. This web site is an adult web cam site and should not be really compared with the adult friendship/video chat sites like iFriends etc. Within the purview of the other sites under the current review like Flirt4free, CumTV, Livejasmin, Peekhows etc., CamsAtHome appears to be in the middle rank, therefore do visit this site and judge for yourself.