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The term “Camtocam” is a bit ambiguous for its different meanings! Using it could entertain, if you are the type who loves to delve into things! If you enter Camtocam.com or Camtocam.net in your browser’s address box, you will invariably redirect to CamContacts web site! Try to only type Camtocam and behold – you reach a web site for sale at camtocam.ws! Interesting, is it not? The real meaning of this term is however, a video chat between two or more people such as in Microsoft’s ‘NetMeeting’ software or more generally, web cams chat that are linked to each other in one way or the other. The site Webcams.com is a good example of Camtocam linkage in case one wishes to promote oneself as a “ladykiller” with one of the fabulous women on this site. I noticed that this term is more often prevalent in European web sites!

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  1. darkness24m Says:

    ı love c2c sex. ı am 24 m

  2. serghigno Says:


  3. cemmy Says:

    #### A D D ME GİRLS …! ####

  4. jesus Says:

    well im a very determin guy and wen i want something i dont stop till i get it

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