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Archive for October, 2006

Eastern Love 1

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

I am right now in the capital city of New Delhi in India. The great thing about being in New Delhi is that in two days time a festival of lights will be celebrated. This is the most important festival like the 4th of July or the Chinese New Year. A lot of fireworks in the air and lovely women in their best dresses and jewellery. In the evening it was great fun at a local disco where all the girls decided to show their fireworks to the men around! I joined up with a lovely tall lady with jet black hair and a superb figure, dressed up in a skimpy mini dress. Her lips had a pout that floored me and I was tingeling all over. What a sensation as we danced in the most sensual manner! Even if there are no webcams in India or a very few ones, the discos of New Delhi are no less than an experience of the best adult webcam chat and live shows! More in my next two episodes of the “Eastern Love”.

Star of My Eyes!

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

India sure is a mysterious tropical paradise and this lady invariably proves it! Known as a vast sub-continent, India boasts of the best sultry sirens who hail from the north, east, west, and alluring south! As a part of my Indian “Safari” I came across this “Star of My Eyes” – Nayantara – with her cum hither look and blossoming bosom! Indian women may be coy and shy, but when they are aroused…they are no less than a pouncing tigress in all their glory. Always let an Indian Sleeping Tigress lie, otherwise you may be vanquished by those superbly deep eyes and totally commanding movements!

Aphrodite Commands Thee!

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

An Aphrodite pose, shall we say? Truly divine and someone who must be worshipped – even in modern day Greece. Miss Delicatetits at CamContacts strikes one of those devastating poses that indicate that there is a lot more than delicate in her chat room. Do you not tingle all over just looking at her inviting posture? At least I did and the tingle continued for a full 24 hours! Exhausting experience I must assert! It looks as if two mountainoous peaks are hovering over you, ready to smother you with heavenly embrace. Awesome and most satiating even though you may find it impossible to satisfy this nympho queen!

Joyce – The Asian Wonder!

Monday, October 16th, 2006

Cam Sex World brings you Joyce & ‘the world’ in Live Privates. The blogger compares this webcam chat site with Livejasmine and JoYourself. I plan to check this out in the next one or two days and will report more details in my next blog/comments/review. That is, if Live Privates allows me to log in from an Indian IP address as I happen to be in this Mysterious Land for the next two months. I would not wish to go for a day or two to another “Allowed Asian country” to report on this website! Check out this alluring 18 year young enticer against a bottle-green background and enjoy an evening of intense Asian pleasure.

No Entry!

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

There are many websites that do not allow entry to IP addresses from India and some other countries. These countries – and especially India – are very advanced in IT technology, whereby millions of surfers are online at the same time. The hot blooded East Indian is rather worried about this “no entry” business on websites of the popularity enjoyed by DirectSex and Spread4u and PrivateFeeds etc. Fortunately, the more popular iFriends and Imlive welcome Indians with open arms! I tried a proxy IP and was successful to some extent in entering a few banned websites. That is a relief! Anyway, the world wide web has innumerable webcam chat opportunities so that the adventurous Indian can ignore some websites who do not allow certain IP addresses. Its no big deal and the early risers (East India populace) can still enjoy the hospitality of the lovely ladies of pleasure!

Have Indian – No Travel to WebCam Sites!

Saturday, October 14th, 2006

Its a typical case of “able to afford” but “not allowed to spend” or “have water – no sea travel” and other similar sayings! I am a virile, young but not so young, lovable guy from India who enjoys making new friends around the world and chat with lovely ladies of this planet Earth! Sometimes we India are not allowed to enter websites that may be available to you westerners. Pity and outright injustice to the originators of “kamasutra – the art of love”! For the benefit and fulfillment of those Indians, I aim to traverse the unchartered domain of “no Indians please” in some of my future comments.

Asian – Real Goddesses of Sex?

Friday, October 13th, 2006

Always fascinated by the girls from the part of the earth where the sun rises at dawn! Asian Goddesses of Sex are real divine and a deity worth worshipping! It was nice to read the blogger give true justice to the sensuality of the Asian Goddess! I look like an Indian and have widely travelled around the Eastern world, so can pass off as a local when it comes to making friends with the Eastern Hemisphere…big spheres or globes I mean! Let me share some anecdotes – both thrilling and embarrasing – in some of our future comments. Happy webcam experiences to all my friends on the Internet!!

Monica 18 – Who is looking at what set!

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Dirty Babe Blog is never dirty! Regardless of the “Babe” like this one called Monica 18, or the blog description – this website always excites you to greater things! Though DBB is not that regular (look who is complaining! Tut Tut Johnny!)…I always found their babes very sensual and without seeming obscene or vulgar. Just like a very special former Indian Movie Dancer who exposed with that special quality of looking alluring – she was also called Helen…not of Troy but of India! Some women sure know how to conduct themselves – with or without clothes, I mean – and that is what makes them so special. Many webcam girls I have come across also fall in that category. More in future blog comments!

Realm of the British Tits Empire!

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

OMG as an American would utter if he looks at this website and experiences how the British built their Empire! No wonder they could cover a large expanse and make others kneel or bow down to them. I find that the website known as British-Tits links to our blogs – surely a royal thought of linking with the best! The blogger must be a gourmet to feed on the ripeness of Her Excellency Saffron. Hope to meet many Lady Godivas for that blooming time in the United Kingdom – good to be “United”! Three cheers to the blogger who brought these British ‘goodies’ in our midst.

Indian Blogs for Beautiful Babes!

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

I had mentioned in this blog comment that Desi Babes introduces you to the most famous and lovely Indian women who are not only famous, but also sometimes the girl next door (wish we all had such neighbours)! I only have one remark for the blogger who is managing this website. He or She must post some form of comment on the blog and also let us have the benefit of knowing the babe better by informing us of her interests and vitals (if she does not mind of course)! We are not looking for anything obscene or vulgar – but a sensual description can certainly pep up our spirits.