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Archive for December, 2006

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Hi to all! Had a great time at Imlive web site and used up my $10 free chat time to my erotic content! I wish that a number of web cam sites initiate this promo procedure to incite admirers for patronizing their entertainers. It is so much more thrilling when one gets some free chat time and we try to make the best of that. I talked with one sultry latina who sure knows the tricks of the trade. Its good I managed to do this at the closing hour of this free offer. Let the readers know that we connoisseurs appreciate some such attention from the web cam sites that are on our bookmarks!

Imlive Girls!

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

Imlive is famous for its lovely damsels who can rescue us men from the distress of being alone on a Christmas or New Year Eve – or for that matter any evening or night! These Sexy Booby gals are a steroid to the sportsmen who embark on winning a few gold medals! I have also received an invitation for a free $10 live chat with a hostess of my choice and I will take this opportunity before the clock rings of the year 2006! Those who have got similar invitations must head towards the Imlive website and make the most of this merry time. See you there and we shall compare notes in the New Year…Happy Webcamming!

Indian Babes Forum

Friday, December 29th, 2006

It is great to learn that a special forum for Indian (Desi) Babes exists on this web site! Head on to the blog and comment on the loveliest of the lovely damsels who rule the Indian Stardom and Model ramps! Remember that most of the aspiring and established new models invariably reach the status of a “star” in the movie industry. We have at least a couple or more of Miss Universe and Miss World in this list! Nothing like spending a few sensual hours or even days at the year end to welcome a very interesting 2007! I aim to travel many times to the film city of Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay) to check out and relish the harem that these entertainers inhabit in this City of Joy & Pleasure.

Livejasmin Again!

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Nice clue to something very very similar to Livejasmin. This site is called Jasmin Cam and I guess it is just an off-shoot of the parent! Correct me if I am mistaken. The latest comment on my earlier blog review of Livejasmin raises hopes of encountering another interesting web cam site that one can bookmark! Your’s truly Johnny Cam does have sincere intentions of visiting the new site reference and checking out the numerous entertainers of the nth kind…like having close encounters of the seventh heaven kind! I am certain that a new vista will unfold that can do full justice to even “Windows Vista” software and OS! More tomorrow…keep a lookout please!

Some recommended WebCam Sites

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

I do have a nice list of several web cam sites that one can patronize and enjoy those lonely hours of solitude! I tried Asianbabecam but could not reach the website since it was an “Invalid Call”! Most of the other web sites gave a positive result other than Moonlightfriends and Asianbabecam. It is always distressing not to be able to access some web cam site or the other since regional imbalances do exist. Still, there is an ocean out there and one need not worry too much! So many sites and so little “lifetime” is the saying! Many more reviews of websites follow in my future blogs.

Mothers Mothers Everywhere!

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Sir Rodney believes in more and more MILFS in this blog! If Santa Claus does not come to meet you with a nice sensual gift, you can always rely on these exciting MILFS to “fill your hung sock”! The blog also conjures up a thought of adding a MILF every day to the list and this could be quite a sensational thing to do. I hope that these experienced ladies bring about a great New Year and “pornoperous” 2007! Who would not like to be fully conversant with the moms of the Field Guide and have a genuine ‘field day’? Johnny would love that these gals bring out their ‘cam’ as well for Johnny Cam to have some more interesting anecdotes for our readers!

The Indian Winter!

Monday, December 18th, 2006

Remember Winter in India? I am sure you do as it is difficult – no it is impossible – to forget Rosy – the rose complexioned girl from a hotel in New Delhi, India. The website http://www.indiasexguide.com also mentioned somewhere a recommended night (or even a day) haunt that could take you over the rainbow! But be careful when visiting New Delhi and indulging in a few carnal escapades. I am only suggesting that you carefully check out your route to pleasure, least you get duped for something you never will experience! Can happen anywhere, but in India you could be taken for a ride (I don’t mind a pleasure ride, but one that deceives you can be unpleasant). So much for the night outs in India! Well, Rosy was a real charmer and she knew what she has in store for a charming gentleman like me! The bonus to the zapping was names of a few interesting web sites and web cams around India. Did I say zapping? Gee, that forms another episode of my Eastern Love story!


Sunday, December 17th, 2006

I reviewed PeekShows about a year ago. To revamp the review I tried to browse this site. To my utter surprise I saw an html comment that this site is banned in the country I was surfing from. What a disappointment! A web site that is so interesting cannot be accessed from India anymore! Sure the fans in this vast and largest democracy will be most distressed! One hates to go to favorite sites through a proxy system as this can be very cumbersome. Wish the websites can work out something better with such “large democratic countries” and allow citizens to exercise their rightful mandate even in this area! Wishful thinking…I hope!

Madeline & Gizzelle!

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

Just look at these two lovely ladies and enjoy their superb anatomy! Madeline and Gizzelle simply must be too much as they are claimed to excite you with their lesbian or straight shows. Their lovely features can be so sensual and you can visualize that these ethnic gals can drive you crazy! Do click on the picture to relish many images of the two hotties from the Hispanic world. I for one love Latina girls since they sizzle beyond comprehension. Indian girls also sizzle though they may be a bit shy and not so forward looking as their Latin counterparts. Still take one Latina and one Indian and you have the most awesome volcano spewing red hot lava!

Cum Tv

Friday, December 15th, 2006

About 16 months ago I reviewed Cum Tv website and it was pleasing to again go back there and see what has changed. As I mentioned earlier, my user id and password were still intact and that surely gave me a lot of confidence in this adult web cam chat site. Apart from the web design aspect, most of the web page build-up is still the same. Therefore for a person who may not have visited Cum Tv for a long time, the web site will not be unfamiliar! I was thrilled to also find that some of my favorites were still around and one of them even recognized me! I must give plenty of “stars” to this web site.

The system is still the same as one can easily enter the free chat sessions for most of the entertainers (remember these girls are known as entertainers!), and enjoy the amicable chats they specialize in. Even the costs have not changed much, in spite of general global inflation – wonder what sort of Economists work at Cum Tv to curtail inflation in this fast moving world. Maybe some countries can hire them to control the economy of the nations! Wishful thinking – I guess! Nevertheless, it is very soothing to talk to the girls at Cum Tv always and several hostesses are on line at any given moment. Navigation is still very good, easy, and understandable for a beginner or novice. Adequate and modified FAQs exist to answer most of your questions – however embarrassing they may be!

Powered by Streamray Inc., the site offers many details of each hostess. Even favorites are professionally handled for us admirers to navigate to our beloved entertainers! What more can one wish for? As an ardent fan of webcam chat sites, I for one desire more than any site can offer. Still Cum Tv comes up to my expectations even if some of my “Great Expectations” remain yet to be filled! The “flash” chat platform is not too bad, though a trifle slow as I said earlier. Still, when one is spending time at adult chat sites, one need not act like “SuperMan” with the speed of Mercury or a sprinter. It is better to carefully plan and execute one’s entertainment to enjoy and relish what our lovely females offer!

It was very exciting to return to Cum Tv and savor the hospitality of the young ‘sexiting’ ladies. I do recommend many return visits to this web site for all those who are looking for smoldering warmth during the cold winters in the northern hemisphere. I am not excluding the Asian crowd even if it is warm in most places! Warmth of heart and body is much different from warmth imparted by the climatic variations on Earth! Therefore, gear up your wallet and pounce on to the uncharted frontiers of Cum Tv!