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Archive for November, 2005

FantasTits Journey!

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Do read this blog. It is sure to ignite you with desire in the same way as if you virtually met Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty! Imlive hosts Fantastic Tits and she is every bit alive on your monitor, as the blog says. I guess a 5-Star rated chat hostess at imlive must be quite a pleasure to converse with. She does a heavenly strip show that may take you to the abode of the gods as you savor her undulations and seduction that only a true goddess can accomplish. This is one experience after which you will say that will make you feel like a deity in the wonderland of the superior beings!

To Canada With Love!

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Who said that the early thirties was an old age? Not Amanda who hails from Canada! On wintery evenings, do proceed towards Canada and enjoy the warm hospitality of Amanda. Her welcome smile and inviting bosom will bring that much needed warmth to your cold night! CamSexWorld brings you this beautiful chat hostess in all her glory and sexuality to entertain you with her talk and body. I really felt like laying my head on those ample mounts and feel the heat seep through. What better way to act as an amorous James Bond than going “To Canada With Love” and meeting “Canadian Tits”!

Beautiful Mysteries!

Monday, November 28th, 2005

Livejasmin sure has a divine collection of chat hostesses and Paradise Girl adds that certain mystery that you would love to unravel! The blog talks of her elusive picture where she puts on a veil. I must say that this pic is extremely sensual as her eyes speak millions! Remove the veil and you see lips that are so inviting that you will virtually start kissing them on your monitor! No doubt you will wish that you could jump into the screen, holding her in your arms, and join her in the dance of the single veil leading you to Paradise with The Girl!

Naughty SexNonStop!

Sunday, November 27th, 2005

This webcam girl deserves special mention. Her inviting look, parted lips, and straight black silky hair can certainly “light your fire” that shall go on throughout your olympiad with her! Imagine kissing those red lips and feeling your fingers slide down her black mane, just to rest on the sensual curve of her spine. Yes, she would make you feel this way when you chat with her in private. You can even feel her naughty wiggles and alluring whispers down the nape of your neck. Great way to begin a weekend of SexNonStop – the perfectly appropriate name she goes by!

Katrina The Humane Hostess!

Saturday, November 26th, 2005

Livejasmin is a sheer delight when it comes to adult webcam chat sites. Their blog page describes a beautiful hostess Kristina who is more popularly known as “Top Blonde”. She is one of the very few webcam girls who considers that the visitor to her chatroom is there because he wishes to have some form of companionship – and not just crude and “left nothing to the imagination” sex. Understandably, she mentions her ‘modus operandi’ that begins by a slow seductive strip that will excite you to heights hitherto unassailed. Top Blonde also believes that chatting is essential to ensure returning customers who further disseminate Katrina’s honest desire to be a friendly companion.

Adultchat.tv is a bit expensive!

Friday, November 25th, 2005

I keep looking for new webcam chat sites and recently came across this one by chance. The website is quite well designed with attractive chat hostesses. The payment is by credit cards and available in two denominations of around $50 and $100 in terms of “coins”. The cost works out at $5 per minute and I would consider this a bit expensive compared to other known adult chat sites. The java chat and video quality is acceptable since it is fast loading. In fact, it is a simple site where one can go on a ‘rainy day’ in case you are tired of visiting your favorite den and are looking for a certain change of scenary!

Asia and Chat!

Thursday, November 24th, 2005

A curvaceous webcam girl, Asia (not of the Asia Carerra fame!) has a unique way of attracting chat lovers. This beautiful chat hostess has a face and figure that needs no words, though using Asia’s Dictionary will surely add spice to the chat world! The LiveCamNetwork website is where Asia frequently hangs around captivating her visitors with her immense sensuality and sweet talk. I have decided to visit her room frequently to not only learn more of the new jargons but also to see Asia in many of her seductive moods and poses. Will you not do the same to relish and enjoy her unique hospitality?

Fantasies at imlive

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

This blog informs us of a new service from imlive. I tried this out and was quite happy with the response from some fetish chathostesses at imlive. It was great to witness the hostess arrange for a guy who would submit to her in a woman dominating position, a fantasy many crave for! The site offers many more fantasies one can live out and enjoy the pleasure that would otherwise be scarce in the webcam world. Who knows – one may see other websites replicate this pioneering effort of imlive and we all may one day experience a competitive trend in the fantasy world of webcam girls!

Videochat with a Redhead

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

Here is another Eva who tantalizes you with her webcam. This website offers exceptional pics of webcam girls that will no doubt make you tingle beyond imagination! Readers are advised to bookmark the site and refer back on a regular basis for that much needed pep-up during the cold wintery nights. Cold or hot – where ever you may be located – the girls will raise your spirits and induce you to visit their personal websites that are sheer delight! Though you can browse the crystal clear images, it is necessary to become a member to venture further into the dream world of the webcam ladies. The join-up may even be worth its weight in gold as you can see from this blog on Eva the Redhead!

Joyourself Again!

Monday, November 21st, 2005

This website is an alternative to Livejasmin. Encouraged by the blog at CamSexWorld, I visited the site and had a scintillating free chat with a few lovely damsels. One of them was really hot and goes by the name of Amazonka4U. Great hostess with a figure that will totally floor you! Her undulations in the free chat were so inviting that one cannot resist but buy credit and go private with her. What transpires in the private chat show is something that must be left to the imagination, or only to be experienced. So what are you guys waiting for…?