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Wishing All A Prosperous Sensual 2007!

Monday, January 1st, 2007

After a hectic but thrilling time at Imlive web chat with those lovely hostesses I hit the bed at around 4 am and could not wish you all a prosperous, sensual, and a great New Year! A few hours ago I was looking back at 2006 and two things struck me personally. One was that I had a “near death” experience in February 2006 that kept me away for quite sometime. The other significant thought is that the blogs I generally comment upon were also quite irregular! Hope it was not an infectious syndrome that I passed on to others . It is always more constructive to recapitulate one’s work in the beginning of every New Year and correct any irregularities or weaknesses to keep the topic alive and kicking. Let us all get together and reflect on this and then build up a really captivating web cam blogging climate! Johnny Cam actively signing on for 2007 with all his heart, mind, and soul…not forgetting his physical self for the success of the adult blogging empire…May the Sensual Force Be With Us! More from me for the next 365 days!

Texan Style Run-Over!

Sunday, November 6th, 2005

Check out this blog. A deviation from the trodden path! This comment is a break from the webcam topic we normally pursue. Though it does makes sense if you are detected by the police for violating privacy or viewing forbidden territory on Internet, and running away from them in a literal sense! Even a Texan women police force could be on your pursuit – but that could be a welcome break – if you are “run over” by them! Imagine, the female cops “run you over” and they don’t even have a police patrol car with them! Do they need one? Maybe a topic for one of wide-screen LCN shows!


Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Why do we call ladies as “chathosts”? It is fine if only men host chats. However, majority of “chathosts” are women! English is flexible to specify male or female and avoid a gender bias by stating “person”. See the term “chairperson” used in business community. In the adult chat realm, a chathost is one of those women who chat with several members or guests on a web site. Since nearly ninety percent of adult chats offer hostesses, I normally tend to use the phrase “chat hostess” rather than “chat host”! Of course, if you are going to a gay site my assumption is not correct!

A Doctorate from The British Sex Academy!

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

Great to hear in Yahoo News that London will join the titilating rank of New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris with its new erotic Theme Park. Till now we only visualized London and the UK to be home to students from many countries pursuing higher studies in Ozford or Cambridge! Now one may see students of the erotic art making a bee line to London and who knows – they may be a PhD in the British Sex Academy [a la Dr. so and so from BSA (London)]. And what happens if you chance upon a delicious blond, brunette, or a redhead answering to the name of Dr. Salma Divinity or something?

Planning Your Week Well!

Sunday, October 9th, 2005

AdSensual does have a nice way of blogging! I guess their latest blog Blinded By The Lights is like a To-Do list. For an ardent admirer of Internet ladies, it would be great to use Microsoft Outlook’s Organizer and To-Do tab to plan ones weekly chores. Only the chores are a bit different from what many perceive! The writer of the blog at AdSensual may find a great line at iFriends as well and I am sure he will probably have both his hands full throughout the week! Thousands of dating sites on the Internet and just a few people trying to bag a handful of “dates”!