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Archive for January, 2006

LiveCamNetwork Responds!

Friday, January 27th, 2006

It is great to interact with each other and LCN seems to have done that! See our other threads on LCN’s video problems. Hope this explains and solves some of the queries of ardent webcam viewers!

Oh, just to mention that Your’s Truly is back after a bout with Viral Fever. It sure can be a bit devastating on the mind even if the body handles it with care!! Just could not sleep though and decided to write this comment on the thread of a good webcam site that should do better at all times of the day or night!

With full activity resumed after that darned viral attack, I am looking at various webcam sites in the future comments that shall be more of mini reviews. Probably this will help me and other viewers who have recently felt “the blues” in the cold wintery days! Cheers till then!

LiveCamNetwork Analyzed!

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

Just a few days ago, TheMole pointed out his concern at LiveCamNetwork’s wide screen video system. He could never see any video! I am trying to check out LCN(MediaGuy & Greg Jones) on this phenomenon but in the meanwhile, the following ‘help page’ information may be of use to visitors at LCN:

LiveCamNetwork 1.9 Technical Support


In order to chat on our site, you must have Windows Media 10 Player and JAVA installed on your computer. A High Speed DSL / CABLE / BROADBAND connection to the Internet is also required.

Other common issues:

* General:
Currently, LiveCamNetwork supports the MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER and FIREFOX BROWSERS. We do not currently offer any support for other browsers, but we’re working on it and hope to offer this support for Q2 2006.

* Firefox users:
FIREFOX users must use the latest version of Firefox as well as the correct Active X control for embedding Windows Media Player into the Firefox browser. Follow this link to install Active X Controls for Windows Media 10 on Firefox.

* Video Problems:
Problem: I get no video whatsoever when I try to chat with any models:

Probable cause 1: You do not have Windows Media 9 or 10 installed on your PC. Download the latest Windows Media Player here.

Probable cause 2: Your Internet connection is not fast enough. You must have a DSL, Cable or other broadband connection to use our system. You need at least 150kb/s download speed to see our standed video chat rooms, and at least 450k downloadspeeds to see our HD rooms. You can check your connection speed at DSLREPORTS.COM.

Probable cause 3: You are not using Internet Explorer. Please try again using Internet Explorer.

Probable cause 4: The model you are trying to chat with may have problems with their computer, or a slow Internet connection. Try chatting with another model.

Dual Monitor Support. If you have 2 monitors connected to a dual-head video card such as the ATI Radeon series of cards, Right click on your desktop, click on PROPERTIES / SETTINGS and change your DEFAULT PRIMARY MONITOR to your other monitor, and then try chatting again.

* Other Video Problems:
Problem: You can hear the models, but not see them. Or, you see the preview/commercial video, but then no live video after that.

Solution 1: Upgrade to a Cable or DSL connection. If you have a dial-up 56k connection, your connection is too slow. You MUST have a Cable/DSL or better connection in order to use our service. LiveCamNetwork streams at a little more than 100kbps which is almost twice as fast as your 56k modem can receive it.

Solution 2: Your security settings are too high: In EXPLORER, click on TOOLS / ITERNET OPTIONS / SECURITY / CUSTOM LEVEL / RESET TO MEDIUM.

* Video AND Chat problems:
Problem : You can see video, but the chat window does not appear, or does not let you type a message to the performer.

Solution 1: You either do not have Java installed on your computer, or the Java version you have is outdated. Go to www.java.com to download the latest version of Java.

Solution 2: You already have Java, but your security settings are preventing your machine from running it. In EXPLORER, click on TOOLS / ITERNET OPTIONS / SECURITY / CUSTOM LEVEL. At Reset custom settings choose MEDIUM and then RESET. Solution 3: You have Norton Internet Suite installed on your computer. Go to the Norton Internet Suite’s control settings and Enable/Allow Java.

[ If this page did not help you to find the answers to your support questions, please contact 2Much Internet technical support by phone at 514-285-9325 and someone will be pleased to help you. ]

A new vista opens with high definition and wide screen webcams. It is frustrating to observe that people who have the requisite hardware/software may find difficulty in viewing the enchanting ladies, for some reason or the other!

Janine At CamSexFinder

Monday, January 9th, 2006

A tall extremely beautiful lady on the webcam scene is a rarity and Janine blogged by CamSexFinder is certainly one of them. Her face reminded me of a real-life girl I met years ago when I first visited Chicago in USA. It all happened in the classic genre of the movie “An Affair to Remember” – only this was on top of the Sears Tower and not the Empire State Building! Having a preview free chat with Janine brought back old memories and I fully agree with the Administrator of CamSexFinder.
Check out Janine’s bio and her pics and you will know what I mean. A girl any admirer of the feminine beauty would love to meet and date…not once but many a times over and over again!

LiveCamNetwork Is Great!

Sunday, January 8th, 2006

Though I took a few days off in the new year, I kept a link with the happenings in the webcam world of 2006! Since quite some time LCN has installed its wide screen webcam system and true to their claims, it is one of the best image projection sites today on the Internet. I sampled their free chat and noticed that the image quality, sound, and continuity of viewing is great! So much so that since my speakers were on full volume (unintended, of course!), one of my neighbor guy later on commented on who that sweet voiced visitor was!!! I had to tell him that I was not having any visitors and it was just a movie on the TV…keep the speaker volume low so that you are not embarassed, if a passer-by listens to your conversation!

SexxyEyes – WYSIWYG!

Monday, January 2nd, 2006

I thought of beginning the new year with a trip to SexxyEyes website. Compared to many webcam chat sites, SexxyEyes is a bit different. It was thrilling to see that they have a free chat corner where you can talk with the chathostess before joining up for more. OK…so what’s new? Well, this free chat is really one-on-one since if the hostess is engaged with another visitor, you will not be able to access the pop-up screen. This is new! I chatted a bit with several girls and learnt the tricks of the “SexxyEyes trade”! Join up is only US$ 2.95 and you can then become a full member. Chat prices are usual as in other websites of this nature. I plan to go back one of these days and become a member to chat with some of the delightful ladies who come online frequently!

New Year Day With A Platinum Blond!

Sunday, January 1st, 2006

Happy New Year! I am still partial to Blondes, especially “Platimum blonds“! A great looking British platinum blond provides that much needed warmth and comfort if she is also a little buxom and her bosom is like two well padded firm round pillows. Click the image of this beauty Denise from Busty Brits website and experience her total sensuality beyond description. I personally could not control myself! I dreamt of making love to this model on a cold tiled floor and yet it seemed as if I was up in flames! Even good ol’ England has its “hot spots”. Check her out guys…