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CamContacts is an adult chat and family/friends website that on first glance appears to be very professional and thorough in its planning, terms of usage, and ease of navigation. It may not be all that free adult chat stuff compared to Flirt4free or Livejasmin, but it is surely worth repeat visits even if you are only exploring adult/friends websites to decide on the best portfolio to maintain for yourself! As their introductory paragraphs says, CamContacts is a website consisting of wide chat possibilities, both monitored and unmonitored from all over the world and people from all walks of life. With this preamble,you are invited to enter the wonderful world of CamContacts. Fair enough – I browsed through their website to begin with and came up with a few interesting impressions.

Their opening ‘catch line’ appears more like a sales copy of a community organization! You see the words, quote “The CamContacts Network…created by its members…run by its members…for its members” unquote. This concludes that one must become a member to fully utilize the facilities offered by CamContacts. Everything is well managed and the website excels in making all facts and action very clear to the visitor. A detailed FAQ section highlights this philosophy and I was happy to see that they have left no stone unturned in answering possible queries of the surfer!

CamContacts caters to both the average surfer looking for friendship or family friends or lonely persons doing the same via the Internet, and it also attracts the bold visitor who is looking for adult chats or something more than that! In this manner the site does compare somewhat to iFriends. Navigation is simple and the non-adult crowd can apply child locks to ensure that their family/friends chats are not hindered by embarrassing interludes!

One of the major issues with many adult chat sites is the need for age verification. This is normally done through credit card and many like me may become apprehensive of the system to go ahead. You can of course browse through the bio of the chat/video hosts that abound on this site, just like iFriends. Infact, both CamContacts and iFriends are very similar but going by the popularity statistics, iFriends appears to be scoring over this website. Both have mandatory registration in order to have video chat sessions or contact the many host members.

Compared to other chat sites like iFriends, Livejasmin, Flirt4free (reviewed earlier), this website does offer a more technologically superior webcam image control. As they mention in their description, it is like “watching a small TV screen on your computer” and this point could give CamContacts an edge over other websites. For video chat hosts all that is required is registration, purchase of a web camera worth not more than $100, and downloading the free webcam software from CamContacts. Then you are on the go! The system appeared to me quite well organized and well managed for an adult web site.

I browsed through many a profiles and found several women and men from far away places as well. Just like iFriends, CamContacts offers a wide variety in both non-adult and adult chats. These are split up into different categories:


  • Make new friends
  • Long term or marriage
  • Girls home alone or a little shy

Now we come to the adult sections:

  • Girls home alone – not too shy!
  • Groups (threesome or more)
  • Fetish:
  • Feet and toes
  • Stockings
  • High heel shoes
  • PVC, Rubber or Latex
  • Diapers etc.
  • Boy-Boy
  • Dungeon:
  • Female Submissive
  • Female Domination
  • Trampling
  • Facesitting
  • Domination
  • S+M

and lots more!

Another aspect of CamContacts that struck me as a plus point is that they do give a demo of a video chat session. This atleast gives one an idea of what follows in case they venture out to register for more entertaining live chats, something ny person would really like!

In conclusion, you have no fear of divulging your credit card details (remember all sites linked to age verification claim total security of information!), do go ahead by joining these competitive but also complementary web sites namely CamContacts and iFriends. One can spend hours and hours searching and exploring friends of all genre – non-adult or adult for that matter! Being a friendly male, I enjoyed myself through only browsing the profiles and locating some very nice females who could be my future friends or even companions! People who have also patronized another website that goes by the name of Adultfriendfinder.com will surely find CamContacts and iFriends very congenial to their taste.

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    […] Always on the lookout for more places to chat with the hottest people on the net, I ran across this article about a site called Cam Contacts. The author of this article has plenty of nice things to say about this webcam site, so I checked it out. One of the coolest things I found was their search engine which lets you browse camgirls based on preferences you define, such as eye color, ethnicity, etc… So, you can get right to the girl you want and get down to some hot chat. This is one cam site I’ll be spending time at again. chat, webcam, camgirls, cam […]

  2. calwineguy Says:

    Anyone know why I cannot access CamContacts? I get an Internet Explorer error 403 forbidden. Can anyone help?

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