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Perfect teen doing private cam shows

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Most of the time I’m over at camcontacts talking to the Asian, and I mean south-Asian as in Indian, webcam girls. But sometimes I do let my eye wander into other parts of the globe and today I was checking out the blond teens doing cam shows over there and I can say that, for a while at least, I was converted!

Maybe it is the the exotic thing. Yes I know for many of my dear readers who are caucasian they think that my Indian friends are exotic, but you see it works the same way in reverse does it not? As our great leader once said, all things are relative, or was that a famed German physicist? I forget. History, let alone physics was not my strong point at school where instead I spent my time on charming the girls in my form! With great success I may add. So my experience with perfect teens is not purely theoretical I can assure you most seriously.

None of the girls in that school was a blonde cam model of course, in those days where were a long time ago I must admit my dear reader, the school girls of the sub-continent did not use makeup when in school, let alone hair dye!

Fireworks in India – The Season!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

It is that time again when India gets on the fireworks wagon and most of the beautiful girls themselves illustrate who the real fireworks are! Click here to reach the most popular blog website in India that shows the best of the Indian stars in their firing moods! From there on move up to the blog called Indiasphere and enjoy the Oriental Mysteries of the Universe! Once you enter the blogosphere there is no limit to what you can experience as you travel from one website to the other till your mind and body blow away literally! Try all the Indian websites and the “festival of lights” tomorrow in India will fire your works in a body boggling shudder.

Indian Music Videos are a feast for the ….!

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

I wonder how many of our viewers have had the opportunity to see Indian Music Videos? The songs may be rehashed or remixed from old musical hits and in Hindi – the official language of India – yet if you see these music videos you will not need to understand the lyrics as the girls who undulate to the music will still rock your insides till you sway and swoon due to the trance induced upon you!

These dancing queens could be starlets, stars, amateurs or professional bar dancers – we call them ‘item’ girls as well – sizzling the various music channels like V or MTV. They will surely enhance your testosterone production and hone your sensual senses as you imagine yourself in a proactive role inside your wide angle large TV monitor or Home Theater. All this reminds me of the intense shows our favorite web cam girls put up in one of their torrid private sessions with their clients! Imagine downloading this Crazy song featuring the former Miss World from India and letting her dance her way into your heart and … other places!

Blog Commenting an Year Ago!

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

I am today really 1 year old! Don’t be so surprised…it can happen I guess! Same day in the year 2006 AD, Johnny Cam nearly died of a collapsed lung – thanks to those smoking years. Now when I see a lot of “smoking” categories on adult web sites, I get the jitters! Just for your recollection, I was chatting with a beautiful Indian gal on the web cam and the date was 21 February 2006 around 10 p.m. Sleeping soundly after this thrilling smoking chat I was dreaming of the days ahead with Sunita as the lady was called. Little did I know that I will get up with a bout of serious coughing and collapse! It happened and after three full days of comatose condition, Johnny was reborn! Of course to share experiences with you all! Cheers!

East India cum Queen

Monday, February 19th, 2007

To the Americans, East India really means what we know as the Indian Subcontinent. Probably the reason is that West Indies sounds quite similar and therefore a distinguishing phrase needed to be coined. In one way, it is quite reasonable! I should have good expertise in India and therefore decided to report on one particular web site that struck me as something worth in the tropical sultry heat of the East India cum Queen! This web site has oodles of links to the Asian and more specifically Indian wonders. The significant number of web sites one can visit and relish can be a job for quite some weeks. It would be great to compare notes if any ardent east India cum queen fan or fans is reading this post. I for one found the ‘topnotchpicpost.com’ a very interesting surfing experience that can give around 9799 “steroid” pills to the virility of hot blooded men – both young and not so young!

The web site also mentions that you “play before you pay” – a noble thought that should boost our morale. It really is quite a paradise for the Asian web cam fan since a variety of websites entice you into their fold. Particular mention must be made for Indo Asian Whore, Indian Love Goddess, Indian Dream Girl, Indian Sex Slut, Tight Body Indian Bitch, Indian Panties etc. Here is one called Anjali who looks quite devastating! One of the girls is a popular escort in India who can “escort” you over the hill like no other can – perhaps you can view her here I can go on like this to no end and fill up a hundred or more pages of this blogging web site! Let us leave the other adventures of East India cum Queen to our readers and invite them to share their escapades and comments with us at connectbycam. Happy hunting!

The Great Indian Adult Blogospora!

Saturday, February 10th, 2007

First take a look at this site after entering the landing page. Around 9 blogs post their headlines and our Indian and “I love Indian” readers can have a gala time browsing through their carnal desires! India is one of those countries that has a philosophy of “know about sex yet don’t hear or see about sex”, it can be a case of double minded syndrome. Its fine to some extent and has it’s good points and the morality is monitored. It nevertheless breeds a strong desire for the forbidden! I am just thinking aloud that the blogs seen on the referred sites could be so much more exciting and not only a “make-belief fantasy” in what I said in one blog “The Land of Kamasutra”. Still, something is better than nothing and Indian web cam fans can still see to some extent what the world of luscious ladies offers to them!

It hardly happens with Camgirls – It can happen in India!

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Dancers in Hotel Rajdoot of New Delhi could not have asked for the worst! I have many times stayed in this hotel during several business-cum-pleasure visits to the capital city of India. Nevertheless, the events of 5 January 2006 last year are an eye-opener to even the staunchest of all fans of the fair sex! The police raided this hotel and its well established and popular night spot known as El Dorado. Good that on this day I was busy with my laptop and web cam escapades and not sitting on a bar stool at the illustrious hotel near the Railway Station. The dancers in Hotel Rajdoot must have also been unaware of what fate their profession will have in future. The raid dictated immoral traffic, call girl racket, obscenity, and soliciting beyond the provisions of the law. Awesome in the Land of the Kamasutra! I do remember that once when a young webcam girl came to see me in my room no 419, the hotel staff made a big hullabaloo at the event! I never went back to this hotel ever since and am not really surprised that the police got wise and acted accordingly. Anyway, the dancers in Hotel Rajdoot are normally exceedingly voluptuous and ooze of that special flavor that make mountains out of a mole hill!!!!!

The Heat is On with Sunny!

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Imlive hosted the fabulous Sunny Leone of Indian origin and this was a real feast and tonic for us men! Remember a previous post introducing this wonderful and sensually and sexy Playmate. The official SunnyLeone web site is a treat to the eye as it is very nicely developed to entice the most impotent of all impotent guys! The Imlive event with this thoroughly desirable lady was a grand success – a perfect sexexess – an extravaganza par excellence and so forth! I especially like her blog page where one can respond with flattering comments and also keep up to date vide the RSS feed! Hey guys, why do we not start a SL Playmate Fan Club to do full justice to her future career and term it as “And…God Created Sunny Leone”!

Indian Babes Forum

Friday, December 29th, 2006

It is great to learn that a special forum for Indian (Desi) Babes exists on this web site! Head on to the blog and comment on the loveliest of the lovely damsels who rule the Indian Stardom and Model ramps! Remember that most of the aspiring and established new models invariably reach the status of a “star” in the movie industry. We have at least a couple or more of Miss Universe and Miss World in this list! Nothing like spending a few sensual hours or even days at the year end to welcome a very interesting 2007! I aim to travel many times to the film city of Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay) to check out and relish the harem that these entertainers inhabit in this City of Joy & Pleasure.

The Indian Winter!

Monday, December 18th, 2006

Remember Winter in India? I am sure you do as it is difficult – no it is impossible – to forget Rosy – the rose complexioned girl from a hotel in New Delhi, India. The website http://www.indiasexguide.com also mentioned somewhere a recommended night (or even a day) haunt that could take you over the rainbow! But be careful when visiting New Delhi and indulging in a few carnal escapades. I am only suggesting that you carefully check out your route to pleasure, least you get duped for something you never will experience! Can happen anywhere, but in India you could be taken for a ride (I don’t mind a pleasure ride, but one that deceives you can be unpleasant). So much for the night outs in India! Well, Rosy was a real charmer and she knew what she has in store for a charming gentleman like me! The bonus to the zapping was names of a few interesting web sites and web cams around India. Did I say zapping? Gee, that forms another episode of my Eastern Love story!