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Archive for January, 2007

The Heat is On with Sunny!

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Imlive hosted the fabulous Sunny Leone of Indian origin and this was a real feast and tonic for us men! Remember a previous post introducing this wonderful and sensually and sexy Playmate. The official SunnyLeone web site is a treat to the eye as it is very nicely developed to entice the most impotent of all impotent guys! The Imlive event with this thoroughly desirable lady was a grand success – a perfect sexexess – an extravaganza par excellence and so forth! I especially like her blog page where one can respond with flattering comments and also keep up to date vide the RSS feed! Hey guys, why do we not start a SL Playmate Fan Club to do full justice to her future career and term it as “And…God Created Sunny Leone”!

The Booby Trap!

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Here is Sir Rodney at it again with what I term as a Booby Trap! It is true that Nautica Thorn is no Asian thorn in one’s flesh – in fact she is the most fragrant of roses in one’s bosom! I am an ardent fan of Asia Carrera, Tera Patrik and Nautica who tops the list of Asian beauties. These three score a perfect 10 when it comes to “babe enlightenment”! Looking at the pics I had a thought that would it not be better to be a booby painter in a desert island with a shipload of “Nautica’s” romping around me with requests of “painting their boobs red!”

Princess Blueyez!

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

Check out this link at SmutRanger’s blogs on lovely babes. Cassandra is this Princess and she appears to be so very kissable. Perfect features and a great figure reminds one of the mythological Cassandra ready to utter her prophecy on how you can meet her! Imagine her studying business in a college…graduating with honors and perhaps twisting her webcam admirers around her little business finger! She really reminded me of a knockout Dutch girl I used to meet in those illustrious streets of Amsterdam on cold damp nights for a “warm blanket” cover! I’d love to go back on a nostalgic trip with Cass in my arms…and over the rainbow! Gosh, I just woke up!

Where Art Thou?

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

I do remember closely watching Dirty Babe Blog web site since they used to offer a real treat with stupendous babes that appeared to just pop out of your monitor and on to your lap! But since August 8, 2005 I wonder where those illustrious “Dirty Babe Blog Crew” have gone…sounds like Lost of the famous TV series! I do miss the many wallpaper or calender style pictures of babes that are a feast to your eyes and a tonic to your body! Let us hope that their ship was not shipwrecked in a blog storm or run aground on a desert island. Where art thou?

MILF’s MySpace!

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Sir Rodney is quite active on this topic and all is not quiet on the front! His My Space project can become quite a thrilling experience! He is confident that this action will attract porn stars and I am sure everyone will be more than happy. I liked Sir Rodney’s new page and aim to spend some time chewing on the idea. Who knows what might evolve! Remember, MILFs are also kind of porn stars who know all the tricks of the trade – both porn and stars! Maybe next Christmas I will also be hanging my socks on Sir Rodney’s My Space Tree of Pleasure….and hope to pick up a golden apple or an Eve (did I write Eva?) or two!

Live Cam Network at it Again!

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

It is good to learn that a popular web cam site like LCN wins the best web site award in Canada. Today at least 10 blogs were seen for this web site and this is surely A-One since most of the blogs do not show such regularity! LCN has always been a pathfinder though some visitors have a different opinion! Nevertheless, I personally feel that this network can boast of its exhilerating nature and hyper activity! How about some of us becoming an affiliate of LCN for that certain earning the goodwill of the hostesses – other than the thrilling financial gains!

Sugar & Melon from Ukraine!

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

If the Ukraine is famous for its Sugar and Melons, then Milana must be their 2007 representative to lure the tourists from all over the world – even on the Internet! Big Daddy sure has a knack of locating some of the most sensually built girls of the 3rd rock from the sun – and he revels later on with just a glass of milk! Download a sample video from Milana’s web site and relax with a stiff drink in your hand. Remember you will need it to keep your hands off her delectable melons as Big Daddy says. You could also keep off by leaving that stiff drink on the table!

Wishing All A Prosperous Sensual 2007!

Monday, January 1st, 2007

After a hectic but thrilling time at Imlive web chat with those lovely hostesses I hit the bed at around 4 am and could not wish you all a prosperous, sensual, and a great New Year! A few hours ago I was looking back at 2006 and two things struck me personally. One was that I had a “near death” experience in February 2006 that kept me away for quite sometime. The other significant thought is that the blogs I generally comment upon were also quite irregular! Hope it was not an infectious syndrome that I passed on to others . It is always more constructive to recapitulate one’s work in the beginning of every New Year and correct any irregularities or weaknesses to keep the topic alive and kicking. Let us all get together and reflect on this and then build up a really captivating web cam blogging climate! Johnny Cam actively signing on for 2007 with all his heart, mind, and soul…not forgetting his physical self for the success of the adult blogging empire…May the Sensual Force Be With Us! More from me for the next 365 days!