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More on Rebelle-Angel

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

Here is a follow up on that blond babe at CamsAtHome webcam paysite. She appears to be a friendly type that goes to prove that not all girls who work at this website are unfriendly. There may be exceptions, however – one cannot really generalize.

Jcam, Buy Me A Present - Baroda

Jcam, E-mail Me - Baroda

More on Rebelle-Angel 2

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East India cum Queen

Monday, February 19th, 2007

To the Americans, East India really means what we know as the Indian Subcontinent. Probably the reason is that West Indies sounds quite similar and therefore a distinguishing phrase needed to be coined. In one way, it is quite reasonable! I should have good expertise in India and therefore decided to report on one particular web site that struck me as something worth in the tropical sultry heat of the East India cum Queen! This web site has oodles of links to the Asian and more specifically Indian wonders. The significant number of web sites one can visit and relish can be a job for quite some weeks. It would be great to compare notes if any ardent east India cum queen fan or fans is reading this post. I for one found the ‘topnotchpicpost.com’ a very interesting surfing experience that can give around 9799 “steroid” pills to the virility of hot blooded men – both young and not so young!

Why only One Girl A Day?

Friday, February 9th, 2007

I do like some of the blogs like this one on Sir Rodney’s blogs. The blogger is right in stating that why only one a day when there are so many and as much as a hundred girls around! He also says that 12 is more reasonable – perhaps a thought of “cheaper by the dozen”! I prefer spending time on a web cam site than just porn sites since the live action and thrilling chat takes you many miles than a porno site with only videos, clips, trailers etc. Anyway, both have their plus and minus points and depending on one’s moods, the setting can be modified to give the best results. More on this later.

Kaylacam.com is also for “greedy” webmasters!

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

Just look at the landing page of this web site called http://www.kaylacam.com and think of all the goodies waiting for you and your physique! To begin with I like to point out that scintillating invitation to all “greedy” webmasters who believe in inner friendship with busty and forever-green web cam girls. In this case it’s Kayla Quinn and her friends. I am certain she is no relation to Anthony Quinn! Even if she is distantly related with the legend of “Zorba the Greek” it is no disaster as kaylacom web site is a breed apart with superb anatomical or astronomical build-up and inviting features.

Some recommended WebCam Sites

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

I do have a nice list of several web cam sites that one can patronize and enjoy those lonely hours of solitude! I tried Asianbabecam but could not reach the website since it was an “Invalid Call”! Most of the other web sites gave a positive result other than Moonlightfriends and Asianbabecam. It is always distressing not to be able to access some web cam site or the other since regional imbalances do exist. Still, there is an ocean out there and one need not worry too much! So many sites and so little “lifetime” is the saying! Many more reviews of websites follow in my future blogs.


Sunday, December 17th, 2006

I reviewed PeekShows about a year ago. To revamp the review I tried to browse this site. To my utter surprise I saw an html comment that this site is banned in the country I was surfing from. What a disappointment! A web site that is so interesting cannot be accessed from India anymore! Sure the fans in this vast and largest democracy will be most distressed! One hates to go to favorite sites through a proxy system as this can be very cumbersome. Wish the websites can work out something better with such “large democratic countries” and allow citizens to exercise their rightful mandate even in this area! Wishful thinking…I hope!

Cum Tv

Friday, December 15th, 2006

About 16 months ago I reviewed Cum Tv website and it was pleasing to again go back there and see what has changed. As I mentioned earlier, my user id and password were still intact and that surely gave me a lot of confidence in this adult web cam chat site. Apart from the web design aspect, most of the web page build-up is still the same. Therefore for a person who may not have visited Cum Tv for a long time, the web site will not be unfamiliar! I was thrilled to also find that some of my favorites were still around and one of them even recognized me! I must give plenty of “stars” to this web site.


Thursday, December 14th, 2006

I have been trying to browse this website but to no avail as the page opened is a search page. Maybe the web site is no longer existing! The name Moonlightfriends sounds so attractive and exciting that it was a bit disappointing not to find it on the Internet. Perhaps someone from the easy access countries like USA, Canada, UK, Europe etc may be able to access the site in case it still is active. If so, do let us know so that we can review it and inform our many readers of exciting places to surf! I observed that some websites are on the banned list from such countries like India, Pakistan etc and it is difficult to view them without resorting to a proxy address system.

LiveCamNetwork Analyzed!

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

Just a few days ago, TheMole pointed out his concern at LiveCamNetwork’s wide screen video system. He could never see any video! I am trying to check out LCN(MediaGuy & Greg Jones) on this phenomenon but in the meanwhile, the following ‘help page’ information may be of use to visitors at LCN:

LiveCamNetwork 1.9 Technical Support


In order to chat on our site, you must have Windows Media 10 Player and JAVA installed on your computer. A High Speed DSL / CABLE / BROADBAND connection to the Internet is also required.

LiveCamNetwork Is Great!

Sunday, January 8th, 2006

Though I took a few days off in the new year, I kept a link with the happenings in the webcam world of 2006! Since quite some time LCN has installed its wide screen webcam system and true to their claims, it is one of the best image projection sites today on the Internet. I sampled their free chat and noticed that the image quality, sound, and continuity of viewing is great! So much so that since my speakers were on full volume (unintended, of course!), one of my neighbor guy later on commented on who that sweet voiced visitor was!!! I had to tell him that I was not having any visitors and it was just a movie on the TV…keep the speaker volume low so that you are not embarassed, if a passer-by listens to your conversation!