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Archive for May, 2006

Live Sex Cam Shows News

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

This recently visited website is called Live Sex Cam Shows News. Details are found on this website that offers good facilities to chat with lovely webcam girls. I did find this news website quite interesting as it caters to the general webcam audience and not any special website. The reference to Cam Club Site is quite useful since the club has many sensual ladies to chat with. I am going to delve deeper into these sites and try to discover frontiers that no webcam lover has ventured into so far. Hope my “Enterprise” does not go into a black hole – never to be seen again!!

High Definition ChatGirls Online!

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

Quite a bunch of LCN extraordinary webcam girls – all in high definition video if you can receive it! Start with Serena and go over to Suki, Carrie & Siouxie, lovely Kala, and many others. Let us see if we can beat MediaGuy by influencing the girls to quote some of our famous and infamous quotes, to their future guests! Who knows, one of us (hope it is JohnnyCam) manages a real high definition and sensory clear invitation to visit and discuss matters of sensual importance with some of these ladies. LCN does appear to be one of the more regular webcam news websites compared to several others I have visited in the past.

SunPeach Is Pure Delight!

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

CamSexFinder does frequently come up with delightful webcam girls who make a man feel like “SuperMan”! SunPeach is surely one of them! This Aries born girl (or am I mistaken about the sun sign?) entices webcam visitors with her extrasensual poses and her pics do bring out the best in a Man! 5′ 6″ and 105 delicious pounds of beautiful creation could be more than one asks for – that is, if one can get it! She claims to be a sugar babe and invites us to “plung in her petals” of great fragrance, exuberance, and vitality…could it get any better or yummier?

WebCam Blogs!

Monday, May 1st, 2006

Just taking an example of this blog on CamSexWorld for the information of webmasters, visitors, and ardent webcam girl’s fans like me!! “Ardent” is not the right word since I too have missed out on many happenings, especially at LiveCamNetwork who have regularly posted at an average daily rate of 35 or more posts! Awesome – right? Though you may notice that the multiple postings everyday are differentially back dated – does confuse one sometimes – does it not? Hope other websites I generally followed so far are not in an unfortunate situation like I was in the last two months, namely, hospitalization and continuing medical treatment. Most of them like CamSexWorld, CamSexFinder, DirtyBabeBlog etc are not very regular these days.
I am going to be very regular from now on with daily comments and a number of mini reviews of webcam websites that show good promise in the near future.