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Archive for November, 2006

Eastern Love 3

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

Remember the first two episodes of mysterious India? I mean the country India and not one of the known pornstars on the Internet! Well, the escapade for your’s truly “johnny cam” was more than exciting – it was sensationally sexiting!! The tall one was named Shilpa which I guess somehow means a “Sculpture’s Dream” in Hindi (correct me if I am mistaken!). She invited me over to her webcam site and I saw a solo performance that could raise any man to monsterous heights. Imagine sitting with an curvy Indian and watching her video at the same time! Can anyone of my readers describe this feeling? I cannot as one has to experience this phenomenon and not desribe her! Great exotic, ethnic, and sexy easterner as most of them are.

Eastern Love 2

Friday, November 10th, 2006

Sorry folks…I got distracted after my encounter in Eastern Love 1 and could not revive till now as the festivities were so hectic that the best of the live webcam shows online took the backseat! The beautiful lady I met in the previous episode invited me over for a weekend in her native town just north of New Delhi. I could not believe my good fortune and it was impossible to resist the invitation. That kept me away from my computer escapades for nearly two weeks! Anyway, I returned only yesterday and found an email that invited me to a private web address. Behold…. it was this lovely Indian lady’s personal website with an elaborate webcam that leaves nothing for the imagination! Unbelievable I must state. Do not miss the next episode in Eastern Love 3 for the splendid details! See you tomorrow!