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CamsAtHome is a friendly website monitored from The Netherlands (Amsterdam) and has a pleasing home page. I was personally quite impressed with this site as compared to all the other web cam adventures, I have so far had. Perhaps this may be because of my bias towards the Dutch as I lived and worked there for nearly 15 years! At that time, Internet was non-existent and we were more on the go every night to hit a new spot for reviewing or enjoying our carnal adventures. Compared to imlive, iFriends (another category really!) and PeekShows, this website is quite professional and straightforward in its services, with well documented FAQ page, appropriately worded “important information” and guideline to approaching and handling web cam hostesses, to help us in making fewer mistakes! Still there is no alternative to first hand experience, however good or lucid any review may be.

The images are quite clear though you are advised to have a Pentium4 processor as the bare minimum. With slower computers, you could get broken up images and a choppy live feed. I could notice that Livejasmin certainly has a superior image software for the average web cam enthousiast and CamContacts is the best image system.

I talked with a girl called Melyssa with long black hair and an hour-glass figure. She and the other hostesses were all friendly though some were a bit indifferent to the free visitors who abound the web cam chats. But this is true of most cam sites and nothing unusual. Melyssa was a beautiful girl and for the time I chatted with her, made me forget that I am basically a blond lover! Is this not friendly persuasion or better still sensual persuasion? Another lovely girl named Chance really induces you to take a calculated chance with her in private. She had a lovely bosom and a captivating face. A tip to remember: if you happen to be infatuated by a girl, do ask her permanent address or schedule, otherwise you might not see her again! Perhaps this is an indication of the rapid turnover rate in this business.

There is an ad that states that you could write a personal fantasy and enter into a contest that will give you a chance to win $500! I was nearly tempted to do this as I was having one of those free chats with Melyssa or Chance – why I did not do it is something I cannot forgive myself now! Next time I will make sure to enter this contest. Do try to play this possibility and who knows, you might be a lucky one several time over!

You can enter CamsAtHome for a teaser chat without registering and you will be called a ‘Guest’. One can register free of charge also by choosing a login name and email address. Member chat is free and just like other websites such as imlive or iFriends, nude and private sessions need the visitor to purchase credit, or as they put it on this website – “update your wallet”. Costs can vary but are generally in the range of US$1.35 per minute for nude chats, and private sessions are available for US$3.99 per minute. Discounts do apply on this website for bulk users of nude and/or private chat facilities. The visitor is advised to carefully read the important information that highlights the do’s and don’ts of web cam chats. One can pay through several channels like credit card, checking account for USA & Canada, and quick debit for Netherlands & Germany.

After visiting several websites, previewing their methodology and quality of girls, I must conclude that CamsAtHome is a fairly good site for chatting with lovely ladies and spending a good deal of time enjoying their sensual antics on the camera. As a free registered member, you can chat with all the girls and make it to their private rooms after settling the cost in the free chat. I would advise that only then should you update your wallet and start spending money. The administration is of course always available to mediate on any issue you may encounter. This web site is an adult web cam site and should not be really compared with the adult friendship/video chat sites like iFriends etc. Within the purview of the other sites under the current review like Flirt4free, CumTV, Livejasmin, Peekhows etc., CamsAtHome appears to be in the middle rank, therefore do visit this site and judge for yourself.

7 Responses to “CamsAtHome”

  1. johnny Says:

    Thanks a lot TheMole for this useful comment as in the webcam kingdom we subjects could be at a disadvantage sometimes, though being treated like a king (customer)!

  2. Bammber Says:

    I it can not understand this!
    You advertise bad internet side and block information about her making up threat!
    It steals money and switches off client! It does not it comply to one’s declaration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Then it does not it disturb you?
    My opinion is evil and wi.ęc – to block her! OK!
    I will advertise you negatively also!!!

  3. Andrew Hawley Says:

    I have two heavy user usernames that I have not used for over twelve months but would like to use again. They are ‘tempted’ and ‘dalipal’. However, I cannot remember my passwords. These usernames were linked to andrew.hawley@blueyonder.co.uk and andrew.musicmaker@blueyonder.co.uk
    Please will you email me the passwords. I am in the mood to spend a lot of money.

  4. Cyfroge Says:

    Bad site and I do not it command familiar and mates! side for my enemies!

  5. Jerro_4_u Says:

    I do not it wish such side to nobody!!!
    It robs, meter includes and plunders money!
    And how do you have complaint? Banned u total!!!( for ever! – then to pay back money??)…
    How you will enter – ask about verification e-mail of your transactions!!
    They never do this (then their declaration!!) wrong side!!

  6. Eksspert Says:

    Bad link and bad site!
    It robs and digs with surroundings! evil and deceiving side! beware!!

    Eksspert! fall! wal się sam!

  7. boss1 Says:

    neaver see like this

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