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WebCam Girls Must Enjoy Their Christmas!

Just thought of checking out how the attendance is on various webcam chat sites during this festive season. Surely, the chat hostesses are fewer in number, though imlive and CamsAtHome do still have a significant presence. This reminds me of the days when Internet was still in its nascent stage and we had to rely on “live shows” also called “peepshows” or “peekshows” to enjoy our fantasies. I did the rounds in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Paris, Brussels etc and always found pleasure at one joint or the other. There used to be small cubicles with coin machines where you would deposit coins to continue watching the shows or the girls. Special cubicles were also available for private views. This is similar to present day free teaser chat and private adult chat! The third stage in adult chat etc was cubicles that were totally private and one could indulge in more advanced flirting! It is nice to know a bit of history to understand how a system or practice evolves over time. For the present, the chat hostesses also must enjoy their holidays and live a normal life as we expect ourselves to do the same! Merry Christmas and a very happy sensual New Year to all the great ladies who keep us men in the best of spirits!

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