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Gwen (Forever) Diamond

If Diamonds are Forever, Gwen (Diamond) surely will go on and on for time immemorial! She seems to have a very clear concept about herself and according to Sir Rodney’s Porn Review one cannot stop loving her! I have stated many times in the past that blonds are my weakness…even my Achilles’ heel…or maybe another part! Talking of “parts”, Gwen says that she is most concerned with her tits, her ass, and her miaow… Oh pussy and considers them her “parts”! If you look at her they appear to be more than parts…they seem to be heavenly paradise themselves! She has made 30 movies as per the blog and my sincere comment on this feat is that we guys will have one movie per day for the next 30 days – a full month – with a full Gwen! By the time this month passes, Gwen will shoot off another 30 diamonds and you will be full of carrots (or did I mean carats?) – For more of Gwen go to Booble – go to MySpace – Go to Booble Cover Girl Pagent, and vote a perfect 10 for her. Who knows Ms. Diamond may throw a few carats at you!

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