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No Rebel in this Rebelle-Angel of CamsAtHome website!

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Today I struck on the idea of again probing into the affairs of CamsAtHome website and proceeded to the landing page of this rather controversial web cam arena! I had become a free member under my name – that is Johnny Cam – and started looking around the various sections as well as jumped into a few chat rooms that allow free conversation (video included) with the ‘ladies of the night’.

Just an example of one entertainer at

Her name is Sira and she is known as Rebelle-Angel.

Surprisingly enough I spent nearly an hour in the common free chat room as she undulated in front of our very eyes with some casual but inviting conversation. Her seductive nature oozed of sensuality and a certain charm that held all my attention. We had a community chat and I could have entered her private chambers for a more explicit interlude. Maybe can reserve this lady for another rainy day! She does know her job well! Hope our readers who had bad experiences with this site may wish for another “shot” — this time not in the dark but glaring flood lights to flood out in a literal sense!

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