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Angel Oh Eve Angel!

Every once in a blue moon the human male comes across a creation of the female species that gives him ‘goose pimples’! The sheer beauty spellbinds him as he admires the natural sculpture of this most revered of “flesh and blood”. Whether it is a photographer, a painter, or a sculpture that has been able to capture a work of art, that female stands out as a personification of Aphrodite, Athena, Minerva, and Venus or name any deity you will! Eve Angel is just one of those girls who can ignite a Man to worship her from where ever he may be. I wonder if Eve is what her pictures show her to be – and if she is, where could you find a perfect flawless face and figure than at this site? Could Eve herself contribute a comment for a change, since I normally find that only we men put out a critique when it would be so much more pleasurable if the web cam girls or the babes we comment upon also throw back a few bouquets (I hope!) or even brickbats.

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