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Having Busty Faith in A Teen!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

At Smutrangers the new blog on Faith in a busty teen further reinforces our faith in the good things of life! She sure has that inviting look in her eyes and who would not enter the gates of Babylonic pleasure…but knock knock before you do that! She does invite you with a “get in my bed” line and its great to know that one can chat with her as well. Faith does look tantalizing in that outfit and I am wondering what an admirer of curvaceous blonds would be thinking if he ever has a chance of entering her conclave!

Brunettes OR Blondes

Sunday, October 2nd, 2005

What the blogger wrote for this item reminds me of what I once wrote a long time ago. I think it was for a lovely sensual brunette and I said …though I prefer blondes, I could give them up for this brunette…!
I agree with the writer that this blond is surely a sweet one and in the first picture her face gave me an inkling of Nicole Kidman somehow! She is not booby but her bod looks tempting. I could not help saving all the images in my special babes folder to refer back as much as I wish.