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Wiggle of the Gisele!

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Do not waste any more time! Click here and reach for the monitor screen – open your eyes wide and watch a mouth watering treat that Gisele the scrumptious blond has in store for you. If using Firefox browser, do make sure that your media connectivity plug in extension is installed. The wiggle of Gisele is so revealingly inviting. Gisele can be a real sizzler and the tease she does will make you scream with erotic pleasure and a loud sigh escape your lips that would be saying -“Oh Gisele please wiggle and continue to sizzle – go on and on – but OMG – do not giggle – Oh my Gisele”!

Black Lingerie!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

The black lingerie is as exciting as what it covers in this blog! The lady appears to be a hostess from webcams.com web site and is extremely attractive and sexy. As you all probably know webcams dot com needs you to become a member before you can enter any of the chat rooms or check the girls bio. Its necessary to go through a verification step with your credit card and its claimed to be secure. Let me be frank: I have never so far seen a web site that says that the verification or transaction is not secure – would anyone really admit to this? Not that I can think of! But it is a bit risky to give out details after reading so much on the Internet regarding frauds and hijacking of credit card information etc.

Busty Faith in Bed!

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

I seem to have missed out on sizzling blonds for quite some time now. Let me therefore investigate my favorite gals with those golden mane flowing around my face! I came across this lovely Faith during one of my surfing moments. The main page for this web site is here. You can have a great time in looking at this wonderful “Aphrodite” who seems to simply pop out of the screen in all her pictures! Faith really reminds me of another top-class blond beauty – Maria Masters – who has an active Group at Yahoo! I was just thinking of writing about Maria, but then suddenly came across Faith and it restored my “faith” in the goodness of the “blonds”!

Jasmine Cam Blogs

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Let us go again to Jasmine webcam for a video treat beyond apprehension! It was nice to learn that “mypornfeed” is still active though this time the gap of silence is exactly one month! Since yesterday, your’s truly Johnny Cam was a bit under the blues in retrospection of what happened to me exactly an year ago – namely my lungs collapsed! The term Jasmine always acts as steroid injections and why should it not?

Blog Commenting an Year Ago!

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

I am today really 1 year old! Don’t be so surprised…it can happen I guess! Same day in the year 2006 AD, Johnny Cam nearly died of a collapsed lung – thanks to those smoking years. Now when I see a lot of “smoking” categories on adult web sites, I get the jitters! Just for your recollection, I was chatting with a beautiful Indian gal on the web cam and the date was 21 February 2006 around 10 p.m. Sleeping soundly after this thrilling smoking chat I was dreaming of the days ahead with Sunita as the lady was called. Little did I know that I will get up with a bout of serious coughing and collapse! It happened and after three full days of comatose condition, Johnny was reborn! Of course to share experiences with you all! Cheers!

Kiri or Jules?

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Just now I was logged into Yahoo Messenger Chat in an Indian Chat room. I saw an obsequious id in the chatters box that read ‘kiri’. Got talking to her and she invited me to check out her profile here. She sounds quite sweet and this made me go to her Yahoo profile page where a contact url is given for her web cam chat room! It was too enticing to overlook as Jules or kiri looked so very sensual as her handle suggested! I crossed over to her web site and saw lovely pics of a red head beauty that made me tingle all over, reminding me of the days when I used to keep an alias of “The Tingler” in many a chat rooms! Clicking on the links given there took me to this web site. Totallyfreecams.com appears to be a nice interesting web cam chat location with many ‘entertainers’ on the roll. I am browsing the possibilities and intricacies of this web site and shall review more details in a future blog post. Check out yourself and we can compare notes!

East India cum Queen

Monday, February 19th, 2007

To the Americans, East India really means what we know as the Indian Subcontinent. Probably the reason is that West Indies sounds quite similar and therefore a distinguishing phrase needed to be coined. In one way, it is quite reasonable! I should have good expertise in India and therefore decided to report on one particular web site that struck me as something worth in the tropical sultry heat of the East India cum Queen! This web site has oodles of links to the Asian and more specifically Indian wonders. The significant number of web sites one can visit and relish can be a job for quite some weeks. It would be great to compare notes if any ardent east India cum queen fan or fans is reading this post. I for one found the ‘topnotchpicpost.com’ a very interesting surfing experience that can give around 9799 “steroid” pills to the virility of hot blooded men – both young and not so young!


Sunday, February 18th, 2007

When I first heard of this name “Landofvenus“, my mind started contemplating as to what type of web cam site this could be. A million questions crossed my gray cells and my ever potent imagination conjured up fabulous images of fantasy and pleasure! What could the landofvenus really be; the land inhabited by the Goddess of Love & Beauty or ‘mons veneris’ (mound of Venus) to signify the web cam beauties who entice us men with their attractive magnet just below the navel – etc etc. It was great to initially go into a spin and use my “gray matter” to chart out a course for investigating this phenomenon! What did I expect – and what did I get? What I saw on this web site was quite different from what I expected. It is a site created by Venus – a body builder woman. Wow I have been quite a fan of women body builders who are tall, strong, and like to be in full control. This is heaven for those men who love a strong female governing them to their body’s content! The topic and the web site Landofvenus can surely be a source of intense discussion amongst us men who adore such women!


Saturday, February 17th, 2007

A long time ago – around October 2005 – I mentioned the top star called hotcharlotte at Imlive. I was just going through my emails at yahoo.com and came across a few lovely mails from this glorious damsel! She was staring at me with those intoxicating eyes with her golden blond hair swaying to and fro (I am sure). This made me give out a loud moan to again experience her invincible presence and anatomy at Imlive! Can anyone be more sensual than hotcharlotte? Not that I know of! Though I have not seen her for quite sometime at Imlive chat rooms the very thought made me tingle all over and it will be sheer delight to come across her enticement once more in the near future.

Pure Heart in the “Year of the Pig”

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Come 2007 – come February 18 – and we celebrate the advent of the Year of the Pig according to Chinese New Year. If you or any of the lovely Chinese damsels in the web cam world is born in 1983 or 1995 the traits of chivalry and a pure heart give you that much admired glow. For the ladies, sensuality abounds and ardent fans like johnny cam and others would love to spend the Chinese New Year with at least one of them if not many more! I do plan to review and discover the pure at heart girls from February 18 and perhaps bury my face in their ample bosoms to experience the purity! Do keep a lookout on my New Year “piggy” escapades!